View Full Version : sealer application - deck railings

03-20-00, 08:09 PM
I will purchasing a sure flow pump electric sprayer soon and would like to know if you guys have any tips for spraying out deck railings efficiently with minimal overspray? Thanks!

Corey Metschke
Mobile Detail Plus

Dan Flynn
03-20-00, 08:45 PM
That is a great question. In time you will develop a feel for handling over spray. Everyone has a different way to deal with this. There really is no right way or wrong way.

We use heavy card board and tarps if necessary. We also hope for days with minimal wind.

Dan Flynn
Flynn Service Pro

03-22-00, 05:26 PM
Dan.....I hope for those days too...but, it seems like everytime I break out the sealer, a stiff breeze kicks up! http://www.powerwash.net/ubb/smilies/wobble.gif

Mike Hughes
Souderton, PA