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Greg - GCR PowerClean
03-23-00, 01:44 AM
Hey Guys & Gals,

We will be bidding on a 2 year old log home next week and I am looking to use a different sealer. Suggested by the builder was X-100 natural seal, which I have used and was not pleased with the ease of application. Therefore I am inquiring on Ready Seal. I am looking for someone who has applied Ready Seal to a log home before and I would like to hear some opinions on the product for this particular use. It's a 4000 sq. ft home with 3 car attached log garage and out buildings. The home is a wilderness style with Sashco chinking.


Greg Rentschler
GCR PowerClean
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Dan Flynn
03-23-00, 02:15 AM
Hey Greg,

You'll want to talk to Tim Cross about this. He can help you with pricing and application. He is the best and has massive experience with Cedar Roofs and Log Homes.

Maybe he will be in the Chat Room tonight.
If not you can find his email address at the top of this page. Our visit his web site at www.restorewood.com (http://www.restorewood.com)

Dan Flynn
Flynn Service Pro

Jim Bilyeu
03-23-00, 03:14 AM
Hi Greg,
You say this home has Sashco chinking, is the finish on the home now Sashco also? If so, do you plan on stripping it off before recoating? The reason for the question is because you can't put an oil over Sashco's finish. When biding this job, keep two things in mind. Sashco's High Sierra finish is a hard product to remove and applying oil over chinking will discolor it. You want to make sure the customer understands that. We always have that in our contract. If I can be of any help, just let me know.

Jim Bilyeu
Exterior Woodcare

03-23-00, 05:04 AM
Hey Greg, How are you?

We do all our log homes with Ready Seal easy to apply no runs etc. longetivy is amazing
color is beautiful.
chris @ sunbrite www.sunbritedecks.com (http://www.sunbritedecks.com)