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07-28-00, 04:46 AM
A guy called me up today, wants to know about how much I would charge to clean and seal a 1688 sq ft deck. It was blatently obvious that he was just checkin' up on my pricing, not a real customer.

I politely informed him that I don't give out numbers on the phone, but I would be happy to come out and look at the deck. I told him there are too many variables, that I would have to see it......to that he says, well, it's a new deck.

It was hilarious, he kept trying and trying to get me to tell him a price, but I knew his real intentions. I think my attitude caught him off guard, he was fumbling his words. I guess I went off the script. Too funny.

Again, I told him I wouldn't give a price on the phone, and he persists...."Why?"
I told him I don't feel it's professional to give quotes over the phone and that I'd be happy to come out and look at it..... then I hung up. http://www.powerwash.net/ubb/laughing.gif

Anyone else get this kind of stuff?

Mike Hughes
Souderton, PA

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Dan Flynn
07-28-00, 05:48 AM
Funny you posted this today. I got the same call today. I found myself to be all over this guy. He also persisted. I told him that if he wanted to learn more about power washing to check out powerwash.net http://www.powerwash.net/ubb/fart.gif

He said he was to busy to want to power wash on the side and hung up. It's funny how I just knew this screw ball was probing me from the start.

Dan Flynn
Flynn Service Pro

07-29-00, 02:20 AM

I get this from time to time myself. After awhile you can tell you is price shopping and who isn't Sometimes if it's obvious I will just really give them a highball price.

Just my two sense worth.

Rick - Deck Care Plus