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Thread: Spare stuff for sale in Michigan

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    Dave Ott Guest

    Default Spare stuff for sale in Michigan

    Here are the pictures of what is left

    The chems are not for sale but will be thrown in with the package and a few more I am trying to move. Some are still unopened and come with MSDS . You will have to sign off on the chems for liability reasons.
    ImageShack - Hosting :: forsale001fw0.jpg

    Small Tank used for recovery 125 Gallon
    ImageShack - Hosting :: forsaletankandwand001pr8.jpg
    ImageShack - Hosting :: forsaletankandwand002ga7.jpg

    Larger tank for fresh water 325 Gallon
    Has unloader bypass fitting, and fill in neck already. Fill will need a float valve though. (Taken off for other)
    ImageShack - Hosting :: forsaletankandwand004ii3.jpg

    24' wand with easy grip trigger used once for honey do list
    ImageShack - Hosting :: forsaletankandwand010yx9.jpg
    ImageShack - Hosting :: forsaletankandwand011kp1.jpg

    24" steel eagle surface cleaner
    Deublin Union all stainless steel not brass for long lasting quality
    Always greased the union
    ImageShack - Hosting :: surfacecleanersale001ea9.jpg
    ImageShack - Hosting :: surfacecleanersale003qa0.jpg

    You may buy seperate or buy in one package.
    Make a reasonable offer for complete

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    What do you have left for sale what kind of price for all
    keep in mind I live in Florida Long drive for a pick up
    Jet Stream Pressurewashing
    Orange City Fl,32763

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