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Thread: stains on stucco

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    Your idea sounds good, a lot of tips are posted in the forum "Tricks, Tips & Modifcations".

    The biggest problem as I see it is some have secrets they are not willing to share.

    Example: chemicals and cleaning compounds, some have their own made up by chemist and manufactured for their own use and are not about to share with even their closest friends.

    I do feel your idea is good though. There a few books on the market now, one called Power Washers Guidebook. I bought it when I got into the business, it is so so, I think for the price it should have offered much more, I also bought one video from another board and felt it was overpriced by about $40.00.

    But let's hear from others, could happen, who knows.
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    I wasn't even thinking when I posted this msg., as to where I was on the board.
    Sorry about that Mike. No Disrespect intended.
    Maybe Dan can help me move this msg. over to the tips and tricks where it belongs.


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