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    stripping acrylic latex ?

    what is corn cob blasting? never heard of it?
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    stripping acrylic latex ?

    have a multi deck job to do. one deck is redwood with some boards replaced with regular wood. one deck is treated wood and a walkway to one deck that is redwood also. these all have been stained one coat with a sherwin williams acrylic latex solid stain. the stain is a grey color. there are alot...
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    window washing pricing?

    Hello wanted to add window washing service to pressure washing and deck restoration i allready have. my question is that im in ohio and wondering how to price window washing services for residential areas houses mainly one story and 2 story houses. priceing for outside and outside and inside and...
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    telescoping wand where to buy?

    looking for a telescoping wand like 20 some footer? any brands better than others? and anyone know where to get at reasonable price? Thanks
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    deck clean and seal estimate question

    Hello have bid to do on a 3 part deck wraps around two side of brick house. deck floor averages a total of 699 square feet. the railings and spindles avereage 108 linear feet. charging $1.50 per square foot on deck = $1048.50 rails and spindles at 108 linear feet at $2.50 per foot = $270.00...
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    well water use question?

    have to give a bid on a 2000 sq ft house tomorrow afternoon. Problem is is that i dont have a tank and therefore will have to use his water. The person has well water and i have a 3500 psi 6-8 gpm pressure washer. About how many gallons of water is this gonna use? the problem im afraid of is...
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    Tsp trisodium phospahte questions?

    Hello Dave from ohio here. newbie with few questions. I see that TSP is used in conjunction with other chemicals for cleaning shingled roofs. Where can i purchase this chemical at as in local hardware stores etc? what other cleaning applications can i use it for and what dilution ratios or...
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    new to buisness estimate/pricing question?

    thank you that is a great site you pointed me to Dave
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    starting out need insight on rural area

    Hello starting a power washing business but dont have the funds to really pay for top of line ads etc. so i started by listing in small classified paper in my area that goes to 4 different counties around me and with about 50000 people. i mainly live out in country in north eastern ohio area and...
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    new to buisness estimate/pricing question?

    Hi im new to business and curious on how much i should be charginging per sq ft for washing /sealing and for strip, wash, sealing in ohio and pennsylvania area? im asking this because i see alot of people base there cost per sq ft on demographic area and cost of living within the area in which...
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    whats best chem for aluminum siding?

    whats a good chemical for washing aluminum siding. i see alot of people say that bleach and soap mix is good for vinyl siding. what anbout aluminum ? any info greatly appreciated
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    telescoping wand suppliers?

    looking to purchase a good telescoping wand like a 22ft. are there any suppliers in ohio that anyone knows of? if not a good reputable company with resonable prices to buy from?
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    whats a good aluminum siding cleaner?

    doing a job where siding is white aluminum siding with black stains under roof peeks and on two sides of house. the house has never been cleaned before. looking for a good cleaner that will do a good job.