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    Prayers for the Mark McIntyre Family

    Thoughts and prayers for Mark and his family. May God be with them during this hard time
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    Hello from York, PA

    Glad you were able to find us. Welcome Jason
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    Hello From Richmond, VA

    Welcome to the board. Take your time and each and read through theboard and you can find alot of answer to your questions. Don't be afraid to ask
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    New Guy

    Glad you found us. Looks like you have a nice starter rig, now go wash something :)
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    Welcome to the board!
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    Glad to have you!
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    Successful Cleaning Business Marketing Ideas & more.

    Glad to have him aboard!! Always looking for new ideas!!
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    Pressure Washing Townhome Houston Texas

    Nice work Doug!!!
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    SparkleBlast has joined the forum

    Welcome to the board
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    Surface Edger

    Yeah i don't have a problem, but some of my guys make the biggest mess with mulch all over the place. Yeah Ron I do commercial its about a 75% commercial 25% residential for me.
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    Surface Edger

    Edges are not the problems it is curbs around resturants
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    Surface Edger

    I was trying to find it online the other day. Sometimes employees don't get turning the pressure down around flower beds. It may save them alittle time cleaning up bark.
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    new member

    Welcome to the board! Fire away with questions, there is alot of knowledge floating around here.
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    Rookie Here!!

    Welcome to the board. You got a good start by taking Doug's class.
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    Hello Ron

    Glad to have you back Ron! I know you insite will be well viewed by many!