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    Successful Commercial Advertising

    Thats a great problem John. We're no wheres near that, but I know what you mean about no life. I think my wiFe is ready to skin me! Its time for me to get some more help for sure.
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    Successful Commercial Advertising

    I spent around 15 or 20 bucks on our first website. It looked awful, but within the first few weeks it pulled down a $1500 job. Websites rock if someone is already searching for our service. On a slightly different note. I lol when I get calls from SEO companies guaranteeing a ton of website...
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    Successful Commercial Advertising

    I got a call off of the phone book today. To bad I didn't renew. 5 calls a year is
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    Does Anyone Else Use Business to Business Networking?

    I agree with yall. Pm work is very hard to get. Not because they are committed to using cheap lowball hacks but because they are committed to using qualified, experienced, proven contractors. Its good to know that while its tough for us to get in with these companies who have established...
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    Snail Mail - A thing of the past?

    Cant watch it from my phone. Ill check it out this evening.
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    Snail Mail - A thing of the past?

    Tell us more about how you use your faxing Ron. We've got myfax and have done some faxing with success. We haven't done any to speak of since last spring and it hasn't been high on the prioriity list. I always like hearing great ideas though. I love the texting idea. I actually downloaded...
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    Snail Mail - A thing of the past?

    I think snail mail is a great tool.
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    Parking Garge Bid. Need help please

    That sounds like a big job. Maybe you could pass the lead along to someone who does garages and get something out of it.
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    Coil Cleaning in Las Vegas NV

    Id say that made a big difference
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    Hide The Women & Children

    Same here. Hi guys.