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    How is business this year?

    Considering our location we are doing OK. Last season I was concentrating on the new auto sector washing 3000-3500 vehicles weekly this season we are under 500. Who new of the perfect storm devoloping in the us auto market. As soon as the inventory on the Canadian side get replenished all will...
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    Pump problem?

    Check the screen size of the new inline filter. finer the better. Keep in mind the finer the screen the faster it will clog up with debris. Also the valves in the head can have issues with the O rings getting worn and small pieces lodging in the valve body.
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    Making a monster foamer??

    Has anyone ever made a high yield foamer for applying soap. Something capable of covering a truck in a few seconds. Thought of using a low pressure 20 gpm 1"water pump and a 5cfm air compressor. By intraining air at the outlet side of the nossel at close to 90 deg. Any thoughts???[help][help]...
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    Pump problem?

    A piece of dirt in the inlet vavle inside the pump will cause this. Or a faulty spring/open valve. Since the problem curred itself I'm sure it was dirt. Use strainers in the inlet side of the pump. You will be shocked to see all the debris over time.
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    Long cold winter....

    Well winter in these parts seems to have come and gone. Shame thou not ready for another summer of washing yet. Has anyone else in the northern half expanded into the snow plowing industry??? Seems around here the new companies are completely flooding the market. Seems I have seen 4 or 5 ads...
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    Burner problem

    Check the tip where the diesel is injected into the burner. You will have to remove the burner from the casing. This issue is caused from the tip not spaying or asperating the fuel fine enough for a clean burn. Almost like having a dirty fuel injector. You can buy replaement ones look out for a...
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    Opinions before I purchase machine

    Brian, it is all about baby steps in the buisiness world. Having such a connectioon in the area try to add some local kids to the mix and be the GM. This way you can concentrate on the getting work part and increase your daily capacity. Good luck DAFF
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    Has anone ever cleaned a silo?? Not Grain!!

    Got a call today about a 12' wide by 40' high silo which needs to be cleaned inside and out. It has a complete roof with two access holes one at the bottom and one the top. There are three silos in total. The silos are not for grain but rather for plastic pellets for injection mould systems...
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    Gutter vacuum

    Have a look at a small sewage truck with a 200-300gal tank on the back. These are used in the porta john industry. Much the same idea as Mr Allen, but from a different application. DAFF
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    Need to be in

    Call around to the local renal stores. Look for a hot water skid unit for rent and try it out for a week. Bigger the better. From this you will learn alot about the ins and outs of PW and know what you like in a machine!! MOST IMPORTANTLY: It is better to purchase something you can grow into...
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    New to Fleet Washing

    Not to mention the 350-2500 gal of water you need to haul around. Swap out the pump to a higher GPM and lower pressure, and save your coin. DAFF
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    help on this machine

    The fact of flow will make the steam super heated and make the noise you are talking about. Insure you are getting the proper GPM out of the machine before putting the heat on again. By the look of the unit there might be limited safeties on the machine. More less it is off or on at 100% power...
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    Van Setup

    Try making a roller system which would allow you to pull the entire skid out the rear doors. This will allow everything to breath easyer and less heat build up. Plus it will make services and oil changes a snap. Have you looked into the newer Sprinter vans?? They get some insane MPG plus...
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    help on this machine

    Start simple. Hook up the inlet to the garden hose and pull the trigger. Remove the tip from the wand to prevent the small hole in plugging up. Do this untill the water runs clear. Next flip the switch for the pressure washer to run. I am assuming the unit is electric over diesel. Get the pump...
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    Another quick problem

    Is the stud into the head comming out or the nut loosening??? If it is the stud then replace with a heil coil. If it is the nut then replace with a all metal locking one(not nylon). DAFF