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    auto dealer lot

    I was called by a car dealership owner who inquired about having his vehicles washed. I normally do flat work and house washing. I told him I would have to get back with him cause I did not know what to (1)charge per car, (2)any special equipment/ material I would need. I was referred by a...
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    When do you do your estimates?

    I've been pressure washing houses for the last three years. What I have found out is, potential customers want an estimate as soon as possible. I live in a small town so the word of mouth factor plays a big part. Once I have received a call for an estimate, the 48 hour rule goes in effect. I...
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    Rag Wholesaler

    Just out of curosity, why the excessive use of rags? For wiping hands and sweat I use those blue shop towels out of the local walmart. They are great on windows and very absorbent. ------------------
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    Breakin In

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    Breakin In

    What technique do you use for businesses who proclaim to have someone to do their cleaning, but never does. ------------------