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    In ground pool cleaning.

    Hey guys, Have been asked to clean the inside of an in ground pool. I've never cleaned one before, and was wondering what ya'll would recommend. What sort of chems should i use? What should I know/do differently than I would from normal concrete cleaning? Any help would be appreciated...
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    Roof Cleaning with an x-jet

    Thanks. Wasn't trying to snipe prices, was just honestly wondering. I'd much rather be charging more than I should than going around cutting the legs out from the other guys in my area because I should be charging alot more. I'll give ya a call sometime Doug and see if we can't talk...
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    Roof Cleaning with an x-jet

    Thanks for the info. As to not undercut anyone, including myself, aprox what should i charge for a roof cleaning? If i charge by sq ft, how do i measure? I could just measure length, and width of house and let that sufice for surface area? Thanks, Dave Owner/operator Murphree's...
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    Roof Cleaning with an x-jet

    Hi guys, I want to expand into roof cleaning this up comming season, but I won't have alot of $ starting off that I can put into it. I was just wondering if it's possible to do the roof cleaning with my x-jet? If so what chems would i need at what ratios? For houses, mostly siding, I use 2...
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    propane tanks before after

    Wow, Great job! Looks nice. I'm a chemical nut, so if you don't mind me asking, what did you use to clean them? Dave Murphree's Pressure Washing
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    Graffiti Removal North Carolina

    Great Job as always! What did ya'll use to remove the grafiti? Had someone grafiti our church's parking lot last year. I was able to clean it off, but it took a couple of cleanings to get it all gone. Dave Murphree's Pressure Washing
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    Commercial Flat Work Pics

    looks great. Well done. [wsmile]
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    Washing Hardy Backer board

    Hi, Had someone call me and ask if we could pressure wash hardy backer board, I think I know what that is, It's like a harder grey colored dry wall. Anyway, it's a couple stories up, and painted. I've never heard of anyone power washing it before, so I thought I'd better ask. Has...
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    vinyl siding problem

    Thanks Mark, I'll try that. What alkaline cleaner would you suggest? And what mix ratios for x-jet? Thank You, Dave
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    vinyl siding problem

    Over the summer, I ran into the same problem, twice, on back to back houses! I had previously cleaned upwards of 300 houses and had never had this. I found that if i went back and "cleaned" it again with just water and pressure, it would even out to a degree, but you had to go over it very...
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    Newbie starting out. Whats a good rate per trailer/truck?

    I live in springfield, well, a suburb, and last year i showed up in person to discuss truck cleaning at most of the companies in springfield. They told me they'd rather take it to the truck wash. I tried to point out that the truck wash costs more than i do, plus you have to pay a driver to...
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    How does the weather affect the professionals?

    I normally try not to work in the rain at all, unless it's just a small shower or something. I try to know the weather in advance, i know i know but i try, and schedule work around when we're supposed to have rain showers here. I don't have the trailer mounted equipment, yet, like alot of the...
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    12% sodium hypochlorite: where can i get it?

    Hey guys, I'm looking chemical containing the 12% sodium hypochlorite solution that is suggested for house washing. I'm very interested to know how well it works as compared to bleach, and also how cost effective it is compared to bleach. I don't like using the bleach alot, i take...
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    How do I remove plant stains from concrete?

    Hi, I was doing a driveway job the other day. The concrete came out looking very nice except the portion where a planter had been. The planter had been flooded over who knows how many times and had left a ring, and streaks, i'm supposing from some sort of minerals in the potting soil, or...
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    New members we need your help.

    Hi, From Murphree's Pressure Washing HI, I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Dave, I operate Murphree's Pressure Washing out of Nixa, Missouri. Nixa is a little south of Springfield, MO in SW Missouri. I've been into pressure washing, on my own, for over a year now. I've...