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    Too well sealed?

    Is it possible to have your deck sealed too well? I just had mine done, and after it rains the water sits on the deck all day before it evaporates, the humidity is high, so I thought maybe that is why, is was an oil based benjemin Morre product, looks great I must say. one other thing, they did...
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    Jake with Archie Renewal

    I just wanted to send out a thank you for Jake that came to my rescue on my comtaminated deck. I sent him pics of the stain, he took the time to give me professional solid advice, what questions to ask when hiring someone, products to use, and restored my confidence that all would work out. I...
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    Can't PM

    my bad, figured it out
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    Can't PM

    Can anyone tell me why I can;t send a PM?
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    New cedar deck stained

    My beautiful 2 week old deck is not doing so well after today. I had a tree company come and inject my pear tree which is right next to my deck with someone sort of fertilizer, and the injection pipe came loose and the **** got everywhere, staining 50% of my deck, I'm sick, I told the tree...
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    John with N IL Deck Works

    NO, I gave up on him.......I have a much bigger problem now, look for my new post, G
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    John with N IL Deck Works

    I just came on board the forum and I noticed a pro near me however he has not returned my phone calls nor does his web site work, if anyone knows anything about Northen ILLinois Deck Works please let him know I have been trying to contact him. thanks G