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  1. JR Wood

    My truck stalls out on hills

    I don't know if this is the right forum for this. My f-350 keeps stalling out on hills or whenever there is a load on it it is a big flatbed.1987 7.1 liter engine. It runs fine on flat surfaces. anybody know anything about carburetor problems?
  2. JR Wood

    Customer attitude...Am I wrong?

    I recently fielded a call from a lady who was concerned about "A" rust spot running down a small spot on her roof. I agreed to come and look and see "what's up". Somehow I read the # wrong and went to number three instead of number eight. Can anyone relate? Well I went and found rusty nails in...
  3. JR Wood

    Who thinks this stuff up.

    Has anyone noticed newbies and there company names lately.A lot of them imply "brute force" and "blasting away dirt" These are not acual names but I am just wondering what kind of response rate they are getting from say someone who wants there house or deck done.I know if I was a customer and I...
  4. JR Wood

    New shur flo a dud!!!

    About a year ago I recall someone posting that their shurflo didn't seem to work right.It would just pulse and the spray pattern just wasn't good.At the time the shurflo I had worked perfectly,the pump would cycle fast and even so I thought that it was a problem with a clogged inlet or...
  5. JR Wood

    How do you regulate pressure?

    Just wondering how else everyone regulates the pressure on you machines?
  6. JR Wood

    Pressure regulator

    I find myself in a weird situation.I have a 4.8 gpm machine and I use #6 tips to clean decks.Well I am down to my last tip and it is worn.Can I just turn down the pressure at the unloader for a week or two until I can get a fresh supply of tips.I have been reading for years NOT to use the...
  7. JR Wood

    Cold water skid

    I am looking to set up another rig for deck cleaning and I cant seem to find a good cold water skid.I really want to use the famous ts2021 for a 3000 psi 5gpm unit but every one is hot water.I dont need hot water.I can make one myelf.Does anyone know what pulley sizes I need and what engine to...
  8. JR Wood

    thinkin caps

    Flat bed set-up for drought. Does anyone care to do any brainstorming? In the event that severe water restrictions are imposed in my area and I must supply my own water, I am trying to come up with a way to clean decks using the least amount of water I need to to do a good job. Any one...
  9. JR Wood

    Washerless deck restoration

    With the threat of mandatory water restrictions here in New Jersey,I was thinking of offering deck sanding and sealing as an alternative.I have never really sanded an entire deck before(pretty close though) and was wondering if anybody does this ? and how much more time it will take than using a...
  10. JR Wood

    Shur-flo leaking

    I was starting to flush out my shurflo sprayer and it started leaking at the bottom where the wires go in and the in and out are.Does anyone know how to fix this?I took it apart and there is no visible damage.
  11. JR Wood

    I put an estimate in the mailbox...Bad Idea!

    I have been doing it for years.Got a call from the postmaster ,he was extremely angry and threatened to fine me $1300.Just a word of warning!
  12. JR Wood

    Jim Bilyeu

    Hi Jim, I was just wondering what the name of the machine you use to remove furring.I started using a scotch brite pad on spindles after I strip and it works great.I seem to remember you said that you were using a floor buffer or something with a scotch brite stripping pad.I really...
  13. JR Wood

    Wolman warning!

    Anyone else frightened by the wolman mailer condemning anyone who might decide to buy chemicals in bulk and mix your own cleaner,instead of buying their overpriced, understrengthed crap. I wasn't.
  14. JR Wood

    Water based or Oil based?

    I was wondering what sealer you are all using.I usually use an oil based sealer but once in a while I switch to water based to give my lungs a break.I wear a mask but often find myself inhaling overspray and it is starting to bother me.I also found that water based is easier to clean up any...
  15. JR Wood

    Water based or Oil based?

    What percentage do you use water based or oil based? 1.I use water based all the time 2.I use oil based all the time 3.About half and half 4.I use what the customer wants.
  16. JR Wood

    Log Home?

    I have a deck rail attached to a log home that the customer wants stripped and stained.The problem is that the attached deck is cedar and it is stained with sikkens.The rails are stained with sashco(spelling)and covered with a clear coat. Just wondering what precautions you would take ,not to...
  17. JR Wood

    Congrats to Glenn!

    When I first laid eyes on the roof cleaning contraption,I knew it was something that I could use.I will start advertising roof cleaning and buy me one of them!
  18. JR Wood

    Does this happen to you?

    You are sealing the last five boards of the deck when you hear the garage door open and see the customer speeding away and the garage door shut.It seems like this happens twice a week and it really ticks me off.I come back later that evening instead of leaving a bill,but it is just inconvenient...
  19. JR Wood

    Waste disposal

    On one of my rare spring days off(I did work 12 days in a row!)I am going through my garage and back yard.I have a ton of paint cans and used disposable drop cloths as well as stain pads and chemical jugs.I am just wondering how you guys dispose of this stuff? Do you charge the customer for the...
  20. JR Wood

    Home made?

    This may not be the right forum to post this but I am hoping The "Wiz" can point me in the right direction.I want to make a pressure washer strictly for deck cleaning...I was thinking a belt drive 2000 psi, 5 gpm,general pump/honda gx.I looked everywhere for this configuration and cannot find...