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  1. archie_MN

    Loss of Flow and Pressure

    My oldest little deck machine is having some issues, hopefully you guys can help. This is it: (NorthStar Gas Cold Water Pressure Washer — 3.5 GPM, 4000 PSI, Model# 15782020 | Gas-Cold Water Pressure Washers| Northern Tool + Equipment") Instead of 3.8@3500 I'm getting 2@600 and a LOUD knocking...
  2. archie_MN

    The Purple Deck

    This was a fun one last fall. The previous homeowners were huge Vikings fans and "professional painters." Apparently they mixed house paint, linseed oil, and hardwood floor urethane to make their very own semitransparent purple. I had way too much fun mixing together a stripper for this mess...
  3. archie_MN

    Who's Using Concrete Stain or Colored Sealer?

    I've been using big box store colored sealers and acid stains on pool decks, patios, and driveways for a few years now, with mixed results. I'm tired of crossing my fingers when I warranty it, so I'd like to have something I can recommend with confidence. I'm wondering.... What are you guys...
  4. archie_MN

    X-jet Dilution Color Chart

    Does anyone have an X-jet Dilution chart handy? I can't find mine, and even the great google has failed me.
  5. archie_MN

    Apparently, I do large commercial work too.

    So the bulk of my work is little residential stuff, decks, roofs, housewashing, but not too long ago I got the opportunity to clean about 60,000 sqft of Minnesota's largest industrial center doing some storm clean-up from last year's tornado. The nifty thing about the facility is that...
  6. archie_MN

    Does Anyone Else Use Business to Business Networking?

    Is anyone else a BNI (Business Networking International) member? For those unfamiliar with BNI, it provides a platform to build personal relationships with other local professionals, share contacts, and most importantly, share referrals. It's been a terrific asset to me, to the tune of about...
  7. archie_MN

    A Little Fun on the Roof

    I must have had one too many cups of coffee this morning.[green] Someone help me out with a caption for this pic.
  8. archie_MN

    Working on a new SH solution...

    I have a ton of fences coming up in the next month, and I want to use this opportunity to create a thicker hydroxide solution for wood. I've tried a few thickening agents without any decent success. Any thoughts?
  9. archie_MN

    You want Restoration, I'll give you Restoration.

    The H/O wanted to tear this 22 yr old deck off and put in a patio. I asked him to give me a crack at it, and if he wasn't satisfied with the result, I'd only charge him materials...... ....He Paid in Full.
  10. archie_MN

    A little hard water...

    This is how a woody does rust. I won't tell you how stinkin long it took me...
  11. archie_MN

    This is for Doug

    I don't want you to be upset that the new guy is so cool, so this one's for you: What's the secret to your success Doug?
  12. archie_MN

    More Trex Decking Issues?

    Has anybody seen the new Trex crack and splinter? I know the old stuff molded, I figure they're drying the new stuff too much. I'll try to get some pics tomorrow.
  13. archie_MN

    Just Signed on my 2000th Deck

    I'm not sure why I started counting 4 years ago, but I just got the signed proposal for my 2000th deck! Maybe it's 5yr old in me, but after thousands of hours of washing I still can't believe that people pay me money to play with squirt guns. Do we have the best career or what?
  14. archie_MN

    Linseed oil on cedar

    A new 1 to me fellas, bit of an FYI for you. HO had been resealing every year with linseed oil for 8 years. Deck was so black it looked painted. I used mild SH to clean it up, a little oxalic to neutralize. When i came back 5 days later, the oil had resurfaced. It looked like I hadn't...
  15. archie_MN

    Before and After pics

    Any idea if i need cust permission to publish before and afters of their home? If so, any suggestions how to state it in the cust agreement? Thanks!
  16. archie_MN


    Howdy fellas! I'm Jake in Minnesota. I've been washing wood, roofs, ice dams, and some houses and concrete for 3 years now. After a wicked winter of ice dams, I'm in a good position to start my own shop. I'm here because I'm sure you fellas did some dumb things when you were getting started...