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    Wood Cleaning Troubles

    I havent had any luck cleaning wood. Even with sodium hydroxide and oxalic acid. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong??
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    Stripping 2 story log house

    Yeah SH & Bleach was my first though too. But I was thinking id go with TSP like the directions said, mainly to please the homeowner. I was just concerned that it might etch glass or dull the finish on the window frames or something. I'll have to try it in small area first to see what the...
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    Stripping 2 story log house

    I have a house coming up (will see it Friday and get pics) that needs to be cleaned and stripped. It is log house, or log sided, something like that. The guy wants to put a "maintenance coat" of his stain on it and said it needs to be stripped first. His stain says to use bleach/TSP (trisodium...
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    How much should I bid to power wash a large restaurant wood smoker? (pic included)?

    I was thinking around 300. So 300 to 350 sounds about right. IS that for each smoker or for both? There are two, one in each restaurant. Also they are done weekly. Would any of this change your bid amount any?
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    sodium hydroxide solution

    So apply the caustic soda, 4oz per gallon (by weight I assume?), wash at low pressure, and then apply oxalic acid (probably at what my package said - 1# per 4 gallons) which i guess is 4oz per gallon also. Then rinse. Correct? Or are you saying to apply the caustic soda, dont wash, but rather...
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    How much should I bid to power wash a large restaurant wood smoker? (pic included)?

    Also I typically work alone so my overhead cost should be pretty low. I basically need to cover fuel, my time, a few dollars for insurance, and tax. I dont know that there will even been a need for chemicals but I dont know. Where its a food surface I may not even want to mess with chemicals...
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    How much should I bid to power wash a large restaurant wood smoker? (pic included)? Not sure what happened to the link but it cut off the .jpg at the end. There it is again...
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    How much should I bid to power wash a large restaurant wood smoker? (pic included)?

    I dislike the fact that you cant edit posts here. Anyways. The cat stepped on my keyboard and somehow managed to send this message before I was done typing it. I went up to the middle and started typing so I will start that paragraph over again. Here goes. I need just a ball part figure, and...
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    How much should I bid to power wash a large restaurant wood smoker? (pic included)?

    I know we dont like to talk about pricing because there are so many variables, but I dont even know what to think about charging for this. Cost is a concern, if i want this job I have to underbid the guy doing it now. I dont know who the guy is or what he is charging, they wont tell me. But he...
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    sodium hydroxide solution

    wow. I used a pound per gallon of sodium hydroxide per gallon of water and thought it could use to be stronger. And that was just for cleaning my own deck, no stain on it just greyed wood. How much oxalic acid to use per gallon? When using crystals/flakes/beads whatever you want to call it...
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    Help! Pump seal replacement

    There is water in the oil of my power washer pump. There is also so water leaking between the head and the block of the pump. I know that there are two plungers cracked, however I believe there is also a seal problem. From the times before that I have worked on a pump head (different pump...
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    Dedicated Pump?

    Thats awesome! Where'd you get that thing that the pump & batteries are mounted in, that fits on top of the bucket?
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    Dedicated Pump?

    Nice to know others are doing the same thing that I had in mind. I have general pump's version of the x-jet and it has way too much mist and uses too much chemical. I dont like downstreaming either, because i dont want to go back and forth to shut the chemical off all the time. Ive been rinsing...
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    galvanised steel screw stains

    I thought oxalic was the neutralizer?
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    Starting out on wood - a few questions, please help!

    Also can i get away from having to scrub, and especially scrub so hard, and still get wood clean? I know not to use high pressure or hot water, and I know about feathering in and not stopping abruptly and all that stuff which can mark or "fur" the wood. Also I have the potential to get a job...
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    Starting out on wood - a few questions, please help!

    I would like to start washing wood. Decks, fences, etc. I have tried many products on my deck and my fence - the deck and the fence are old and in bad shape. I have been UN-successful at cleaning it satisfactorily. I have been able to get the fence to go from grey back to a "new" wood color...
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    Best Gun/Wand

    I have a J.E. Adams gun, a Suttner gun and a General Pump gun. I usually use the general pump gun. To me a gun is a gun, cant say i like any one of the ones i have better than the rest. Some of those guns have a steep angle on the trigger which I dont think i would like very well so ive never...
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    Ball Valves

    I haven't had any luck with any ball valves. They all get tough to turn on and off especially under pressure. I dont use a zero degree tip very much either. Often times I dont even run my heat up over 200 degrees.
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    Be aware of chemicals pay attention

    May I ask what happened to the OP? Did you get massive chemical burns or did it explode or what? Hope that you're OK. Always best to be careful when mixing chemicals.
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    My first PW

    I use around 200 degrees of heat. Water boils at 212 degrees unless its pressurized. It will remain liquid in the hoses above that but I dont know about that once it comes out of the nozzle. I haven't tried really. I put my power washer together myself. Some parts new some used. Currently using...