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    Veteran Power Wash - Just started

    Hi Alex, I've answered a few of your questions when I could, give me a call if I can help you with anything else. We are in Maryland also.
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    NO WATER PRESSURE -(tank?)

    I checked with our mechanic about this and he gave me a list of things to have you check. The first thing you should check is any screens or filters on your machine. They could have debris partially plugging them and that can effect it. This could be an isolated problem with the one...
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    I think that i need this

    For washing houses almost every contractor I've met uses M5 X-jets. They do all their work from the ground with good cleaners and no ladders or extension wands.
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    cleaning bug eggs off vinyl siding

    Using a turbo nozzle on vinyl siding can also mar the finish. It may not be very visible but it will tend to grab and hold dirt and mildew spores easier. If you get too close it can also cause some pretty bad damage. How do I know this? My neighbor just did it yesterday!
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    buying the right machine

    With respect to the sponsors of the board I'll refrain from mentioning any brand names but, I will copy some basic information on power washers that may help you choose what's best for your uses. Pressure Washer Comparison Guide From Sun Brite Supply of Maryland. You face a lot of...
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    Announcing the next Maryland Chapter Meeting on August 6th!

    PWNA Maryland Chapter Meeting, May 13 2006 The PWNA Maryland Chapter will be holding it's next meeting and networking event on May 13, 2006 at our store! This is your opportunity to join fellow power washers from the DC Metro area in discussing best management practices, tips and techniques...
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    New to the business

    Keith, Use professional house washing products and you will work much faster and get better results. for cleaning black stripes on gutters, most contractors use Gutter Zap.
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    Pull off all hose or not?

    If you are using heat when washing, you should always unwind the hose. Otherwise heat will build up and cause your hoses to fail faster. Some say that even with cold water you should unwind the hose to lessen the strain on the hose and the reel.
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    gutter cleaning question

    This vaccum system method you have seems like it would be difficult to use. How can you be sure that it get's everything out? What about sticks and other large items. What about clogged downspouts? High powered back pack blowers seem like a much more effective but it does involve going on...