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    Internet store

    Hello guys! The other day i noticed an add in a trade magazine.Be a internet retail store owner.They offer web hosting,134000 products,sell from any vendor,training ,desighn ,support. Since i am still looking for something to do in winter,i gave them a call.It costs $300 for the...
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    yard sighns

    This year i lost 2 yard sighns,or they got stole to be exact or confiscated or removed or whatever happened to them. Last week i had a job in subdivision i had never been to before.House was on the dead end street so i didnt bother posting a sighn. Run out of chemicals,went to the store and...
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    Staining a house with chinking

    Hi everybody! What is the best way to stain a house with chinking and not get stain on it?This is a small home but i dont think masking would be an option. Iwas suggested chink paint.However homeowner said he wanted it same color as it is now. Could i spray the whole home with airless,get...
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    Log home

    I am going to submit a bid in partnership with Jon Fife for this log home.I will try to post a picture,never done it before so lets see if it works.Have a nice holiday everybody! Johny
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    Copper canopy

    Can anyone tell me how to clean a copper canopy.I thinks thats what they are called.I did a stucco house today,looks great all but this little copper roof,all black and dark green,i would have been glad to shine it up and make new again.Since i had nothing to clean it with i left it as it,kind...
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    squirrels eating log home

    Why would they do this???Man supposedly applied borate treatment and then it started,he also sealed it with cwf.(squirrels are smart and dont like bad stain) Where is the solution?? Johny
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    Help me identify stain

    I used hd 80 to strip this deck,worked very well.I would like to know what i was stripping for future reference. Floor looked black,railings light brown,faded places,basicly half gone. Applied stripper ,that stuff was peeling like dead skind,kind of like any water base finish would.Where ever...
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    HD 80 question

    Hello! How is this stuff on windows ,will it etch them?Whats the easiest way to protect them,i am not planning to spray the windows ,stripping a deck but I have a log house coming up and there is no way not to get it on the windows. Thanks Johny
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    Cleaning Inside Log Home

    I am not gonna take this job probably,it just sounds like a nightmare.But i still would like to get some info and suggestions just to educate myself Here is the deal.Log home 20 years olds,inside never finished.New owners would like to have it cleaned and done,logs inside look dark and...
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    Painters are pain

    I just figured out today why i cant get a log house at my price.Every time i bid its low for me,too high for the owner,and my prices are not that high. I was wahing the outside the house today,painter was doing some work inside,painting i guess .Good fellow,around 55 years old.We started...
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    Log home,need advice !

    Hello! This log home i am cleaning has black stains on all over the logs.In fact about 30% of the lumber used around the house is stained black,looks pretty bad.Its a new house and i am cleaning it with citric and laundry det.I cannot get them out.They look like black stripes or lines here...
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    Cat repellent

    My costumer was wondering if i knew of anything to keep his cats from using a bathroom on his pool deck.It is inside pool,i guess easy accesable by the pets,this man has 12 cats ,so no wonder they crap everywhere. They do it only in one corner and as the man said never used to do it before...
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    Hot wax,need a quick response!!!!!!

    I have my work planned way ahead and i cant put this job off.Here is the problem,i am out of wax,this lady wants me to wait till i get it,because she thinks it will help her keep the gutters clean,i dont know ,havent used it much. I told her i would put it on ,but ouch ,now i am out and what...
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    Silicone sealer,lasts 10 years!!!!!!!!

    Hello ! Has anyone ever heard of this stuff,its called Professional,Water Sealant. One of my competitors had left a paper describing this product,and the homeowner asked for my opinion.He didnt get the job,so they didnt care but still. Here is the good part,its a silicone sealer ,clear...
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    Newspaper ads

    Hello ! I run ad in the newspaper, in service directory,so do other 6 pressure wash companies.At this point i need something to make people call me first than others.What kind of ads are you guys running,I need some advices to seperate my add from competitors.Currently i have All exteriors...
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    Phone calls

    Hello ! Lets start with ,i am a busy man,i am never at home to answer business calls,i dont have an office with secretary,and i dont think any others in business here do. I have a caller id ,and have noticed lots of calls during the day,but nobody leaves a message.When my wife is...
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    This contractor has stained every deck in the neibhourhood with Behr,redwood.I looked at a deck and railings still were in good shape,deck floor was lightened up and molded some. It dont look like deck needs stripping,its not black yet,and its been 2 years since application.Looks like it...
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    Chevrolet Express

    Hello everyone! I have been looking for a used cargo van for a couple of month now,i dont want a brand new one, also dont want to buy a truck. I have found 98 Chevy express 2500 with 40k miles for $9900+tax,clean title,lease trad in.Only problem it has V6 4.3 liter engine.Would that...
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    Permachink seminar

    Hello Everybody ! I went to this seminar today because they had hands on training.I wanted to learn something about corn blasting,i know i will need that sooner or later if i run into finish that wont come off. Guess what they told everybody,cornblast basicly every log house that has...
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    What to expect from this estimate

    I have to look at a log house and i am not sure what to expect.The man said he washed the house himself,let it dry,stained with sikkens first coat.Took him a week to apply it,vacations over and he wants me to put on the second coat of Sikkens.How should i approach this job.I dont know how good...