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    Cedar Deck - re-staining

    Hi. I've got a 3 year old cedar deck. It has Wolmans F&P stain on it. Last year I used the Wolman Deck Brightener on it and restained it. It took a beating this winter and there are areas where the bare wood is exposed. Not sure why it got so beat up. I was going to re-coat it...
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    Dirt Stains on Cedar Deck

    I'm back now with my latest adventures. We put gardens around the deck, and some of the top soil sat on the deck for a couple days. Little did I know this would stain the deck. Deck is cedar with Wolman F&P on it. (stained 1.5 months ago) I tried using water to clean it with a brush...
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    Gummy Stain on new cedar deck

    I'm needing a gut check since the deal is already done. The Setup: New (1 month old) western red cedar deck in NJ. Cleaned and Brightened (Wolman deck and fence) Although some very knowledgeable folks on this forum suggested not using F&P, I was unfortunately only given a choice between...
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    OxyClean or Sodium Percarbonate?

    I had new western red cedar deck installed a few weeks ago. While we wait for the rain to stop for long enough to stain it, I've noticed some green coloration setting in some of the deeper grooved grain. I assume this is mold/mildew growing. The deck is in a very shady, damp area. I used...
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    F & P stain on cedar deck

    Wanted to get an opinion on using this. New deck in North Jersey. The builder wanted to use Behr Premium, but I'm trying to pursued based from what I read on this forum. I've also read about mixing colors. 1 cup of Natural per gallon of Golden Pine. I've also seen suggestions for 50/50...