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    New youtube video on cleaning aluminum wheels

    Hello Everyone, I finally got a video made of me washing some dirty aluminum wheels for a fleet of trucks here in South Texas. Cleaning dirty aluminum wheels I did not put music on the video, typed a lot of info on the details section and it is kind of long, about 6 minutes but the video...
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    Contractor Job Lead in Fontana, California

    If any experienced contractor has the regular requirements like experience, hot water, degreasing capabilities, etc.... I have a lead. Pm me or respond here and I will forward the info to you. Thanks.
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    Do you have Replacement Value or Depreciated Value insurance on your equipment?

    It is about time to renew insurance on the business and equipment but found out that I have depreciated value on the trailer and equipment. I have insurance through Nationwide. I was told that they can only offer the depreciated value, not replacement value so I will be looking for...
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    Dream Host Scam be careful if you are considering using them

    I registered a couple domains a few months ago and needed some help as I was having problems so I clicked the box for help and called them with the code. I got some help but not really what I needed but got the issue resolved eventually. I was looking at my credit card statement and saw a...
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    Portable Wash Mat

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for some ideas for a portable wash mat. I have seen what some of the vendors have for sale but I am looking to see what else is out there or what some of you guys have made so you can wash on-site, what is easily taken down and put up and is durable. I have looked...
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    Attention Texas Contractors: Need your contact info for customers

    Hello People, I am getting anywhere from 1 to 3 calls a week from people that are out of my service area that are looking for contractors to do work for them. Most of them do not want to be contacted so I ask them to submit the contact page from my website (most of the time how they found me)...
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    Finally got the gallery up on my site!

    Hello people, the web guys got the gallery up but I do not have a ton of pictures like some of you guys but I got a start now. hahaha Please tell me what you think. There are a couple of glitches and one driveway tagged wrong. Go here and tell me what you think: Pictures of Pressure...
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    For those that have over 200' on your reels for Power Washing

    I know some of you guys have way over 200' on your hose reels but do you use the hydraulic threaded couplers to join the several sections together or regular plug/couplers? I just put on a hose reel that I had in storage and I have 200' on it and can put another 50' on it. Just wondering...
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    Supply Hose Reel Restrictive?

    I have been wondering if the hose reels really restrict the flow because the inlet/outlet on most of the brands are 3/8", 1/2" or 1" so the 3/4" is not common on the major brands. My supply hose reel has the 1/2" inlet/outlet with a reducer bushing on the inlet/outlet for the 3/4" for using...
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    Any more Damaged Property Pics or Hacks Damaging stuff pics out there?

    The guys are almost done with my website gallery and I am adding another gallery, one that shows damage to property, hacks doing damage or shoddy work, etc..... If anyone else has some pics that they don't mind sharing, please post them. Thank You. _________________ Superior...
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    Anyone Wash Coal, Asphalt or Petroleum Coke trucks?

    Just looking for some advice here. I am bidding on some trucks that haul all kinds of stuff but I have not cleaned any that have hauled Petroleum Coke. It is kind of like coal and asphalt. It leaves a bad stain/residue on the surface and it gets into the pores of the aluminum trailers. One...
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    Job cleaning a Rock Crusher in Galveston, Tx

    Job cleaning Rock Crusher in Galveston, Tx -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I just got a call from a guy in Miami that needs a rock crusher washed. It is located in the Port of Galveston, Texas and they will be loading it onto a ship on...
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    Is a THEIF out there stealing your website content? I caught one.

    My website builder just notified me of a company that has copied most of the contend from my website and we are sending this company a letter to remove the content or possibly have very serious action taken against them. Here is the site: www. hawaii pressure cleaning. com...
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    This is a test, only a test

    Hello, Testing 1,2,3
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    Fleet Washing

    Hello People, I am thinking about getting into Fleet Washing but do not know much about it or if I will even like it. I was wondering if there is anyone that I could go train with for a day or a couple of days like on the weekend to learn more about Fleet Washing. Please let me know. Thanks...
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    Tree Sap on Driveway and Sidewalks

    I have seen some driveways and sidewalks that had tree sap drip onto it and make a mess. Has anyone cleaned this up before? Sometimes it will be a pile of goo and other times it will stain the concrete Black. I have some estimates to do and would like to be able to clean this up if possible. I...
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    Hydro Tek Vacuum Surface Cleaner

    Hello Everyone, I just had a look at the New Hydro Tek Vacuum Surface Cleaner and it does not look too bad. I am not sure if this post should be here or in the equipment forum. I was wondering if anyone has tried or know of anyone that has tried the Hydro Tek Vacuum Surface Cleaner. It does not...
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    Aluminum Window Frame Stains on Building

    Hello Everyone, I got a call to bid a building cleaning that has black stains that appear to be running down from the Aluminum Window Frames onto the Sides of this building. Some are like shadows and some are very black. When I look very close it is the cement/grout that is holding the aggregate...
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    Cool Vehicle Magnetic Signs or Wraps

    Hello Everyone, I was thinking of getting some new vehicle signs done but with the Digital quality like having pictures on it or possibly having my Truck Tailgate "Wrapped". Has any of you done this to your vehicles or bought the high quality Vehicle Magnets? I am looking all over the web for...
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    Tall Building Cleaning

    Hello Everyone, I was asked to give a bid to clean the dirty parts of a building that is 6 stories tall. The building has an exterior that has gravel in it and it comes off easily. The Maintenance Manager showed me a spot where they used Jomax and Bleach and it came clean so I might use the same...