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    Anyone in Knoxville or just North of Knoxville? job lead for you

    I have a job lead for someone in the north knoxville area. It's the washing of a whole house. Stained Siberian Larch siding and the homeowner is ready to have someone clean it well and correctly. I can get you more information before contacting them if anyone is interested. I'm not looking...
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    got a job lead for someone in birmingham

    I'm in Chattanooga and a GC that we do work for needs to get his mom's house cleaned and she lives in Birmingham. Shoot me an email if you're in the area and interested. I'm not sure the details of the house and siding but I know he wants the gutters brightened and a soft wash on the siding...
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    parking lot bid, jon could i get your opinion?

    I've got the opportunity to bid on a 42,000 foot lot to be cleaned once a week. The lot is 70% asphalt and the rest concrete. They are not looking for any of it to be cleaned deeply, just move the dirt and debri off the surface. I'm finding this hard to bid because I've never done a job that...
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    odd night

    I thought I'd share my experience from a couple nights ago since it's one of the stranger nights that I've worked. We were running two machines cleaning a delivery lot and holding lot, starting around 5:00 p.m. with the hope of finishing about midnight. First problem was the unloader (i...
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    more marketing ideas

    Hey, I wanted to toss out an idea and get any feedback that I can. Car tagging has been mentioned on the board before and I have given it some thought but have not been excited about the idea of going to the malls or local businesses to put flyers out. However, there is always the Home Show...
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    need help bidding interior building cleaning

    Hey guys, I need some help coming up with a bid for cleaning the interior (ceiling, floor and walls) of an old knitting mill that is going to be renovated. I'm using a 4 gpm, 3000 psi machine, cold water. First problem is that the owners seem to think that cranking up the pressure and using...
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    need bidding help for larger project

    hey guys, I've got some questions on what is a fair rate for cleaning the buildings of an apartment complex. The buildings are all vinyl, double story (can reach everything with 24' extension). All buildings are the same layout, 220 linear feet. Parts are very dirty with mold and mildew...
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    cleaning painted cedar siding

    HI Guy, Anyone having any suggestions on a cleaning agent to use on painted (not stained) cedar siding? Do you have to pw painted cedar at a lower psi or not, if so what psi. What would be the dwell time for the cleaner. Jarrod
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    Roof Top deck, need help

    Hey, I'm going to give a bid soon on a deck that I'm somewhat familiar with. I'm already aware of a potential problem but I was hoping some of you might tell me that it is either not a problem or easily solved. The deck is on top of a 3 story apartment building and 1/2 of it has only about...
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    Stripping Oil Base Paints Off Decks

    Need some advice on stipping an oil base paint and the primer off a deck. Here are the facts: We are stipping the paint to prepare it for staining. The paint is old and weathered. We tried using a recommended paint stripper from Lowe's, but without success. We pw at no higher than 1k psi...
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    need help on a bid using ready seal

    Hey everyone, I need a little help on working up a bid. I'm hoping to use Ready Seal but I haven't given a bid on it before, so along with what you think a reasonable price would be, could you also recommend a stripper and brightner that you think work well with Ready Seal. Ok, here are the...
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    door to door marketing methods???

    Hey guys, first of all, wanted to thank everyone here for being so helpful and ready to share information. I and my partner are starting our own power washing and deck restoration business this year and this board has been a tremendous help. We don't know much about the business yet, but...
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    Need Used Equipment in SE

    Looking to start a power washing and deck restoration company in North Georgia and Chattanooga, TN area. I'm hoping to find as much used equipment as possible. If anyone in the area (atlanta, nashville, knoxville) has equipment they are willing to part with or can provide good leads it would...
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    Thoughts on Sikkens?

    I'm thinking about switching over to using Sikkens as much as possible on all deck refinishing. Does anyone have past experience with it? Everything I'm reading and looking at looks good, but then they all do if you just go by the pamphlet information. John