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    Anyone in Knoxville or just North of Knoxville? job lead for you

    I have a job lead for someone in the north knoxville area. It's the washing of a whole house. Stained Siberian Larch siding and the homeowner is ready to have someone clean it well and correctly. I can get you more information before contacting them if anyone is interested. I'm not looking...
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    got a job lead for someone in birmingham

    I'm in Chattanooga and a GC that we do work for needs to get his mom's house cleaned and she lives in Birmingham. Shoot me an email if you're in the area and interested. I'm not sure the details of the house and siding but I know he wants the gutters brightened and a soft wash on the siding...
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    x jet, or is there another way?

    I forgot to mention, but my post was implying using a downstreamer located at the machine. No carrying a bucket!
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    x jet, or is there another way?

    Ray, This certainly isn't the fanciest method, but what if you got a wand with a rollover tip, easy switch from soap nozzle to a 0 degree. You could roll to the soap nozzle, just long enough to fill the line with soap and then roll to the 0 degree and shoot it right up there. I believe it...
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    Insurance Joe Walters....they cant be serious

    I'm covered through Joseph Walters currently, but I've got some concerns over the coverage, especially when I read what you guys write about the price and so forth, so I was curious, does anyone have a good recommendation on where I can study up on insurance lingo and different types of...
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    Advertising for Residential Work

    Gunn man, I wish I had your rates from the newspapers. I tried the classifieds business section last year for just a couple of months during the summer and the absolute bottom dollar I could spend was $85 a month. At the time, there were 10 other pw's listed and 4 of them had large text...
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    2 weeks untill SPRING !!

    I'm declaring Spring has arrived for Chattanooga. The phones starting to ring and the temp is in the low 70'2 all week long!!!
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    R-U- SICK of the >>

    As to the weather...... I've been telling people that I'll work in the rain, cold weather isn't a problem either, nothing will keep us from completing the job in top form and still they look at me and say "I hate to have you out in this type of weather, we'll call you when things warm up."...
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    R-U- SICK of the >>

    Sorry to hear that you guys are all slow, but then again it's kind of a relief to me since I've barely gotten any work for the past two months. I've landed a couple jobs that have paid the bills so far but things are getting thin as we approach the beginning of the new month. I've started cold...
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    Estimate/Bid Sheets

    steve, go to delco's site. they have an estimate sheet that I use and I know others use as well. I have mine printed at a local print shop and the cost isn't too bad. John
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    Wanted : Hi rise cleaner for lots of work

    Chuck, I know a couple guys that work out of Savanah and would definately recommend them to you. If you want, give me a call and I'll get you their information. 423-822-6700 John
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    Foe Anyone - Bidding

    Steve, what book were your reading? john
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    parking lot bid, jon could i get your opinion?

    Ron, feel free to butt in whenever u want. I think those are good points, and I might agree that a hydrant and hose would be best, but if he wants me to do it, I won't turn down the chance. thanks john
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    parking lot bid, jon could i get your opinion?

    Steve, I do agree that I need to find my own price, however I tend to approach it a little differently. As a fairly new business, I try and find what the market rate for these services is and then try and determine if I can structure the job and or my business to meet those rates and make...
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    parking lot bid, jon could i get your opinion?

    I've got the opportunity to bid on a 42,000 foot lot to be cleaned once a week. The lot is 70% asphalt and the rest concrete. They are not looking for any of it to be cleaned deeply, just move the dirt and debri off the surface. I'm finding this hard to bid because I've never done a job that...
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    odd night

    bigboy, you're not kidding. After I realized the hoses were cut, I was glad I just walked over and grabbed my machine instead of running after him.
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    odd night

    I thought I'd share my experience from a couple nights ago since it's one of the stranger nights that I've worked. We were running two machines cleaning a delivery lot and holding lot, starting around 5:00 p.m. with the hope of finishing about midnight. First problem was the unloader (i...
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    Brick Restoration

    Mike, I've been doing searches on cleaning old brick and came across this post. I was wondering how the job went for you and what chemical you chose? Would you use it again? Thanks John
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    more marketing ideas

    well, I agree with each of you on the annoyance of car tagging normally, but I was thinking that at the home show everyone is expecting to walk out with a bag or two full of pamphlets and flyers. But, that's the great thing about the board, and I appreciate the feedback. Think I'll skip the...
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    more marketing ideas

    Hey, I wanted to toss out an idea and get any feedback that I can. Car tagging has been mentioned on the board before and I have given it some thought but have not been excited about the idea of going to the malls or local businesses to put flyers out. However, there is always the Home Show...