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  1. mhpoole

    Direct mail question

    "To Our Valued Customer" is what I use. Using their name can get you alot of returned postcards.
  2. mhpoole

    pricing storm windows

    $5 per pane is what I charge. Or If I am unsure, I charge a flat rate of $60 an hour.
  3. mhpoole

    window washing pricing?

    $5 per pane for in/out, $4 for screens to be scrubbed with soap and water and put back. Tracks and mirrors done for free most times. This should get you near the ballpark, although in my area I am considered high by some. I do great work and have a good rep.
  4. mhpoole

    Help!!!!!! I'm Frustrated Over Pricing!!!!!!

    There is a book on commercial window pricing that can give you a guideline on what to charge. I would think your best bet would be to go for res work. Around here typical charge for me is about $70 an hour. You need to be able to cover your cost of materials and labor to be successful...
  5. mhpoole

    using buckets

    We use spray bottles. Saves alot of time and saves the back.
  6. mhpoole

    A professionally Cleaned window

    Both, You can get by with washing with dish soap and water, but you should really have squeegee and scrubber and learn a bit. You can get pretty good money from cleaning windows.
  7. mhpoole

    Paying Employees

    Usually we pay from the time they leave our office, until they return. But when I sub work I pay by the hour worked, much better that way.
  8. mhpoole

    WTS-2 COXREELS 12volt with 300ft 3/8 hose

    If your using them all day along with 2 shurflo's running all day long i would charge every other day. I never let it die so im not really sure how long it could go. My email is Phone 503-310-4597 cell
  9. mhpoole

    WTS-2 COXREELS 12volt with 300ft 3/8 hose

    Not selling these as a pair but your more than welcome to purchase both. Used about 25 times for a large job this past year. Tired of manually rewinding your PW hose? These can be used for PW hose, house washing, deck restoration, roof treatments etc. $380 plus shipping
  10. mhpoole

    FS 16' Trailer/2 cox electric reels/2 shurflo w/hoses/125g tank

    Single axle trailer with toolbox, 2 electric Cox reels model 1125-4-325 with 2x300 ft of 3/8 poly hose with ball valves, overflo valves, recycle valves installed. Deep cycle battery, 125 gal poly tank. 2 shurflo chemical pumps 100psi, with on/off control box. Reels have pistol triggers for...
  11. mhpoole

    Pressure washing reference guide

    I would also enjoy a copy Thanks for all your hard work. [white]
  12. mhpoole

    using the Shur-flo

    Yes, A shurflo will pump out faster, but to say its even is not really true. All i know is i dont dont want to be wasting stain on railing and with the amount of stain a shurflo can spray out would certainly waste quite a bit. Im sure on a bigger deck a shurflo would be faster on the flat...
  13. mhpoole

    Window Techniques?

    check out my window cleaning forum you will learn all the info you need on window cleaning.
  14. mhpoole

    Advertising - Geting Your Name Out There

    postcards and direct mail list. We send out a couple thousand and we had to stop we have to much work. Usually around march we start sending usually 1000 a week for a month or so and back off once the work is to overwelming.
  15. mhpoole

    using the Shur-flo

    I just stained a 800sq ft deck today in 3 1/2 hours with railing on one side for 2 coats. I use the shurflo for chemicals when cleaning and stripping and i use a pump up for staining followed by back brushing. I used to use a airless but to many clouds. Now i just use a pump up once or...
  16. mhpoole

    Need a technical question answered by the pro's

    No i love my direct drive, but 5 years at 4gpm and Im wanting more. Not for nightime store fronts just daytime driveways and decks. Sure is nice to be done in half the time. I used to be in the roofing business and i miss the power of the bigger machines.
  17. mhpoole

    Question on setup with tank

    Ok good, well im going to get a belt drive unit.
  18. mhpoole

    Question on setup with tank

    Thanks for your help. the scary thing is this idiot owns a PW supply store a pretty big one.
  19. mhpoole

    Need a technical question answered by the pro's

    I have a local guy that can do a 8gpm, 2500psi 18hp honda w/electric start. I think i am going to go that route. For around $3000.00 I think i will need a little more than 1700psi to get concrete really clean. so the 8gpm,1700psi 13hp machine might be alittle to small.
  20. mhpoole

    Question on setup with tank

    Question on mounting a tank with washer on a trailer. Does the water tank opening have to be level or above the pump? I was told this was so in order to flood the pump with water but i think he is wrong. He said since the pump cannot pull water thats how it had to be setup. But if i open...