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    anybodu buidimg their own computers?

    I got a wild idea that if the engineers at Dell can build me a computer, I should be able to build my own and save me a few bucks. So I have it a good ole fashion try today. I went to tiger direct and started shopping. I bought a case, power supply and all the fixins. I did a little reading...
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    What do you do to support your community?

    What do you do to support your community? We have been involved with the local Polar Bear Jump for a few years now. A friend of mine that I grew up with started the PB Jump in 1996 where 10 of his friends jumped to raise money for a local church and a kid that was very ill. It was simple...
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    How to make January your most profitable month

    In January and into February, we start our Major marketing initiative for the spring. What do you have in store to set the tone for the 2011 season? We start with postcards in January to our regular base and this pays off as people "want to be first on the list" for their spring cleaning. In...
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    Northeast Pressure Washing Seminar - Round Table Dates

    There is a Northeast Pressure Washing Seminar for contract cleaning and wood restoration. This educational and networking event is scheduled for March of 2009. The goal of the seminar is to educate contractors in the profession. 2009 will be a challenging year for all and this event will assist...
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    Going out of Business - Power washing machines for sale

    Hello... I am going out of the cold water powerwashing business. Due to the fact that I have 5 machiines, the vice-president of the Corp (wife) has directed me to get rid of some surplus equipment. First machine: 18 HP Kohler - twin cylinder, electric start, external 8 gallon fuel...
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    A roof cleaned annually gathers no Moss... or does it?

    I am just looking for a little advise. I have to quote a job that has a fair amount of moss on it. What is the best and safeest way to get this off and the roof clean? What do you typically charge? Thanks
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    There is a Spring round table at ACR Products in WIND GAP PA, Sunday March 5th fron 10:00-4:00 PM with Tom and Barbera Voges as the host. Realizing this is short notice, Tom wanted to fit it in before the busy season started. The last one was a blast. Here are a few of the topics...
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    New Organization Formed

    Sorry, this message has been edited. We can not support ANOTHER start up BBS/Paying Organization. Especially since we know nothing about it and were not contacted regarding it's announcement on our forum. Please understand that this is not the place to submit sales presentations. Contact us...
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    Old Brick

    I have to clean an old brick bank. They had removed old ivy vines and it is a bit nasty. What is the best think to clean brick with?
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    Virus Alert

    Apparently there is a virus running around the system, A week or so ago I got an email from the BBS member with an attachement. In the title line it said Re: Thanks... See attachment. I opened the zip file and a cherry appeared. Dan Flynn contacted me and said he recieved an email with a...
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    Attention Walmart Shoppers

    I need some help from the veterans... I have to give a bid to walmart by monday to clean the sidewalks at our local supercenter... It is not a competitive bid... There is 25558 square foot of sidewalk they want cleaned. The only stipulations are that it must be done between 11 pm and 7am and...