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    Haz Mat Handling

    I'd like to hear some in depth conversation concerning on how you transport and handle your chemicals. following the regulations as in containers, placards, storage, transportation etc. i have a friend in the landscaping business who got into a bunch of do-do when his sister totaled his...
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    Which Quickbook Program to buy or another?

    Ok friends, I'm going to be purchasing one of these Quickbook programs real soon. I went to their website and answered some questions to figure out which product I should by. The "Basic", the "Pro", or the "Premier(i think)". After answering the questions they suggested just the Basic...
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    Applying Sealers at what temp?

    Friends, What is the lowest temperature and what sealers have you used to perform deck restoration? What about the drying times? Were you satisfied with the results? Just wondering just how far you have pushed the envelope!! Thanks, Roy
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    just figured it out.

    finally figured out how to post a pic.
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    pic test

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    55 gal drum, bigboy!

    i read a few months ago from "bigboy" about using a valve stem and air pressure to pump (or push) fluid from a tank. honestly i chuckled and thought what a great idea. well, about a month ago i was able to obtain two plastic 55 gallon drums made for transporting sodium hydroxide and so i...
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    need help quick, pricing picket fencing

    a couple of months ago I priced a picket fence 249' x 4' that only needed to be cleaned and sealed. i figured the estimate at $3.00 per linear ft. didn't get that job...yet! is this in your range for this type service? i looked at another today 191' x 4'. same thing needed, cleaned and...
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    testing Website Still Under Construction
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    stains, knowing the difference

    ok you deck experts... just how can you tell the difference between cuprinol, behr, thompsons, flood, sikkens, wolmans and that cv stuff,,, stains!!! this has been one of my downfalls in doing decks. if the owners don't know, how can you really tell?? do they really have their own...
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    precarbs and oxalic care

    friends, how careful are you when applying precarb cleaners and oxalic acid to decks? what steps do you take in not getting them on the house or plants. i know oxalic will take the skin right off of ya so will it also pull or discolor the paint off the siding? i have been brushing out...
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    redwood deck dilema

    I'm nearly finished with a redwood floor deck and heres my dilema. This deck is probably 10 years old. Solid stain has nearly worn off completely except for the usual hard to get areas and not sure when it was put on nor the brand name. Deck was extremely neglected, dirty, years of oak sap...
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    JR got me thinking

    this is a message JR posted recented on his precedure for doing decks: "Greg I cut out a 2.5 X 3.5 piece of luan with a hole for a handle and attach a sheet or a cut piece of that disposable dropcloth on it and when I do the inside rail facing out I just hold it over the rail and spray into...
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    neutralizing necessary??

    has anyone every bypassed the neutralizing step? I stripped a deck yesterday of three sections with "Remove". Two sections are new with that factory sealant stuff so remove removed it fairly well. the other section had not been sealed? Only the new sections had spindles and they came out...
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    Different Pump Oils

    Is it absolutely necessary to use the specified pump oil for a specific pump? I don't know about todays cars, but years ago I know fords required special trany fluid in their auto trannies. So I would like to know if pw pumps are the same. 15-40w verses 30w or different brands, etc. Can you...
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    Vinyl lattice precautions

    What precautions, if any, should be taken when doing deck work with white vinyl lattice? Deck also has white painted trim around the floor. I was thinking of masking it off with plastic. Is that necessary? Thanks, Roy
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    Chalky substance after wash

    What is the best way to remove the chalky film left over after washing a home? I rinsed and rinsed more (maybe not enough). It is a painted lap board siding home. Better yet, what can be done to prevent the same thing from happening again? I used 1/2 gal DNB 1430, 3 qts ultra bleach...
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    sodium hydroxide

    can anyone give me advice on buying, in power form, sodium hydroxide, oxalic acid, citric acid and disodium peroxydicarbonate from local chemical companies? will these products mix the same from different suppliers, in other words, do they come in different ranges of potency. also, sodium...
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    Advertise insurance?? Also Website

    Has anyone considered advertising to the public, especially residential, the amount of insurance you carry on your work?? I was thinking if you advertised on a flyer etc. having $1,000,000 liability insurance or whatever, would that attract more business? Would that help to prove to the...