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  1. Greg Rentschler

    Indiana Round Table Meeting

    The indiana meeting is shaping up nicely.. we have roughly 12 companies attending at this point. The meeting will be held at Wagners Too in Valparaiso, Indiana on Feb 22 from 12noon to 3pm. A wide array of food is on the menu plus the best ribs around (IMHO ). They will have thier bar open...
  2. Greg Rentschler

    American Wood Care Magazine

    Finally! We have a magazine for Wood Care... this is a project I have been working on for several months now and we're at a point where we have a date for the first issue. American Wood Care Magazine is a bi-monthly (6 issues)publication dedicated completely to the wood care industry. We...
  3. Greg Rentschler

    Cedar Deck Restoration

    This was probably the easiest deck we have done in a while. Had superdeck on it initially. We knocked the entire thing out in 8 man hours.. start to finish. Stripped and brightened in 5 hours.. sealed in 3. Greg Rentschler TimberSeal, Inc. 866-230-2419
  4. Greg Rentschler

    NEW!- Need a Web Site? It's up for auction.

    Those of you who need a website for your company, here is the perfect opportunity. The reserve is set FAR below what you can buy it at retail. Even FAR below $100.00 . The winner basically has 2 options, 1 to transfer their domain and get a year added to theirs or 2) create a new domain at...
  5. Greg Rentschler

    Blastmaster Articles

    Great Articles and Features! Beth, Dan, and Mike all provided some excellent reading material. And I have to say I like the large format they have chosen for the magazine... nice! Keep up the good work! Greg
  6. Greg Rentschler

    Your Method of Sealing?

    Over the years we have tried various different methods of effectively applying sealants to decks, fencing, etc... At this point I think we have a pretty good solution using airless sprayers and tarps with a little 4 mil plastic here and there. I am curious what everyones preferred method is and...
  7. Greg Rentschler

    Cedar Shake Roofs

    I have been asked to put in a bid on a Cedar Shake Roof but have to admit this would the first. What is the going rate for this now a days?? We clean composition roofing all of the time so we are setup for the cedar as far as safety equipment is concerned. A suggestion on a sealer would be...
  8. Greg Rentschler

    Accept credit cards without a merchant account

    Some time ago we wanted to setup a merchant account so we could accept credit card payments from our customers but found we didn't process enough to really payoff by the time you payed your fees (it costed us $30 a month)... forget that!! We found an easier way using PayPal. Today almost...
  9. Greg Rentschler

    Picture of wrecked truck

    A while back when Scott, the Smiths, and myself had vehicles wrecked I said I would post a pic of the wrecked truck. it is. It really doesn't visually look like two much damage but they totalled it. 1999 Dodge Ram 1500 13,000 miles. Already driving it's replacemnet...
  10. Greg Rentschler

    More Pics

    Bare with me... I got a little happy with the scanner. 3 pics here..... on is a before and after of a roof job we did at the beginning of the summer. The other 2 pictures are the reason I wasn't around when a good number of you tried to call me The ULTIMATE Pasttime!! Should of...
  11. Greg Rentschler

    Picture of Rig 1 of 2

    I posted a pic of our flatbed rig some time ago but the quality and angle was poor. Okay okay.. I finally got the scanner working right so I took a more recent pic! Here we are at one of our Bennigans accounts cleaning the awnings and surrounding concrete. ------------------ Greg Rentschler...
  12. Greg Rentschler

    Venting the Exhausts on a RK, Elite, or Tuff unit

    Hi all, I wanted to get some ideas on venting the exhaust systems (burner and engine) out of an enclosed trailer. The odd ball shape of the burner exhuast makes it a little more difficult to work up something. We used to just vent it out the roof vent and open the rear doors but we will be...
  13. Greg Rentschler

    820' of gutter to clean..what are you charging?

    We don't do alot of this type of work but since we had a request I thought I would get some info. The job consists of cleaning 500 ' of first story gutter (inside and out), facia, soffit, and decorative trim. All pieces are white in color and moderately dirty. The remaining 320 ' are all...
  14. Greg Rentschler

    No check valves needed......

    .... to run 2 machines into one hose. The problem turns out to be with the type of unloader you have. Running two machines into one hose requires you to have pressure type unloaders on both machines. The flow type unloader will not allow you to do this. We tied in a cold water 4gpm 3500 psi...
  15. Greg Rentschler

    Running two 5gpm machines to make a 10gpm

    Has anyone ran two 5 gpm skids into one hose to produce 10 gpm at 3000 psi. Were attempting it by running both supplies into a "T" then into a main feed hose but they seem to cancel each other out. In other words restrict each machine from producing its 5 gpm. We have a 36" concrete cleaner...
  16. Greg Rentschler

    Deck contractor in MD needed - Silver Springs area

    I am looking for a contractor in the silver springs MD area to refer a residential job to. If interested please E-mail me or call me at (219) 548-2670. A little far for us so I am just passing it along for free. Thanks, Greg Rentschler GCR PowerClean ------------------ Greg Rentschler GCR...
  17. Greg Rentschler

    A Pic of our Flatbed Rig

    Here is a picture of our flatbed rig. 8 X 16 dovetail full of goodies. ------------------ Greg Rentschler GCR PowerClean NEW E-Mail address: GCR