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    new building

    Bidding on a 13,000 square foot building. A CVC pharmacy. I figured between .5 and .13 cent per square. Any suggestions for final clean?
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    another resterarunt

    Must do a resterarunt 4500 sq feet. Ceramic tile, 4 sinks, 6 aluminum tables, 36 booths, 3 ovens, 104 chairs, 1 saled bar, 1 pasta table, 1 pop machine, 2 ice machines, 15 windows. Giving me 3 days to make it shine. I figure about 2,500. any other figures out there?
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    Ceramic Floors

    I found a really good cleaner for ceramic tile from my Janitorial supplier. I tested it today with a scrubber. Anyone have the breakdown for square feet when cleaning. It is a resteraunt with 3600 sq feet. It seems that this should also be done at least monthly. Does anyone have the answer?
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    clean up

    19000 sq feet to rough clean. How much would you charge?
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    Car lots

    undefined I have just received my first car lot to power wash. Can anyone give me step by step directions about washing all the cars. I am charging one dollar per vehicle. Do I need a hot unit? Or can I just get by with a cold unit 2400 psi? It's with a Ford dealership and I want to do...
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    washing cars

    need help asap. Can cars be cleaned with a normal power washing unit or do they have to be cleaned with the hot units or with a dio0onized unit? I need to know yesterday. I have a bid that I am considering with a lot with one thousand cars on it.
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    what type of power washe is needed for washing cars on a lot? does it have to be a hot water unit or a hot unit? or a d.i unit?