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    X-Jet draw

    Tim, Just saw your post tonite. There are 3 probables to this problem. If you are on the top of a ladder, it won't draw at that heigth. You have to be lower to get a vaccuum. Secondly, You might have an air leak around the clamps at the shut off valve or a pinhole in the hose. The third problem...
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    New temporary Web site address

    Good morning Friends, Xterior and our good friend Randy at Aran Services have just built a new web site that has additional info and we are waiting for it to be activated. In the meantime you can reach it by going to http// Thanks again for all your support. Ron...
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    Scott Fortner's X-Jet

    Scott, I have been on a short vacation. You should have received my email by now. If you are not happy with your X-Jet, please send it back to us and we will gladly refund your money(including shipping). We try to tell all all our customers there is a money back guarranty. There is a way to...
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    Oxalic Acid info

    Most deck cleaners are hydroxide based. The pH levels for Hydroxides read between 12.5 and 14. Most acids read between 1.5 to 3 pH. When bases and acids come together, they cancel each other out(neutralize). Wood has no pH, it's what you use on the wood. Oxalic acid prevents the wood from...
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    A word of thanks!!

    Good Morning all you Hard Workers, Many thanks everone for the nice X-JET testimonials. It really is a great tool if you are washing houses, buildings; etc. Our business is booming because of your support. Also, I want to thank Dan Flynn for the opportunity to share this site. Even though we...
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    Attention X-Jet owners of the World!

    Many of you have expressed your concern about the X-Jet hose staying in the pail. We have remedied the problem. We are now offering a 5 gallon rectangular, molded handle pail with a 4" screw top. The top has a brass barb installed that you can insert the X-Jet hose into. There is a PVC draw tube...