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    Pwashing contributed to death

    Two die in separate accidents in Glenview Tribune staff reports Published May 6, 2006, 8:24 PM CDT Two men died Friday evening in separate accidents in Glenview, police said Saturday night. About 4:50 p.m., police officers and paramedics responded to a report of an unresponsive man...
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    Timberseal products

    Most likely thinking about trying the Timberseal products from Anyone use them. He has cleaners, brightener and a stripper. I am asking for feedback b/c they are pricey. Not pricey when you consider how much material they make - 60gals but upfront cost is an investment...
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    Mill Glaze Remover

    Can anyone recommend a MIll Glaze Remover for me - something easy to find at Home Depot, Menards, or Lowes. Thanks!
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    Lead Referals - Chicago South and Burbs

    Gentlemen - Im getting quite a few leads on my website for jobs in Chicago South Side and South and Western Burbs. They are out of my service range. I am looking for someone or people that would be interested in lead referals. I give you leads you give me your leads (that are out of your...
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    Interior Hardwood Floor refinishing

    Not sure if this is an appropriate post (apologize to moderator in advance if it isn't) Im thinking of extending my business to interior hardwood floor refinishing. Just curious on anyone's opinion on this. Any one ever done it for a business? Any one know of classes I could take...
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    Guys - did a search on this but thought I'd give it a shot again to see if any more relevant info has come up. I've been part-time since I've started this business and have never been asked for insurance until tonight. Im doing a condo complex and need to show proof of 500,000 liability...
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    Whats your warranty on Decks? I go with the manufacturers warranty - which if you read very carefully doesn't warranty much. Just curious
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    Garage Floor Refinishing

    I was searching on refinishing my own garage floor and was thinking this is a decent idea for an additional line of business. Is anyone actively involved in this? If so would like to talk to you about it. I've done deck and fence maintenance for the last 6 years. Thanks John
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    Sikkens - Applying to a cedar fence

    You guys helped me in the spring with stripping a deck with Sikkens. (the advice was great!) Now I need advice on applying. I am going to estimate a fence this Friday. The homeowner is stuck that he wants Sikkens (I guess his neighbor just applied) He said he would source the material...
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    One of those customers.......

    Got a call from one of my jobs that is 1/2 done (deck) - wondering about WARRANTY!! AUghhhhh!!!! I basically told them I will warrant what the paint manufacturer warrants. For the Fence - CWF UV CEDAR (I only use this on fences) $1200 job "The Flood company warrants against defects...
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    Maintenance Agreements

    I've been thinking of ways to try and make more $ out of annual maintenance agreements: Would this work? On existing customers that I have previously p-washed and stained (s.w. cuprinol) their deck 1) lightly pressure wash the deck 2) Spray via garden sprayer Olympic CWP with a little...
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    Sikkens - Stripping advice

    I bid a job last night that had Sikkens (Sp?) on the deck and fence. I bid it as a strip job assuming Wohlmans 1:1. Couple of ?'s 1) Never removed Sikkens - any advice 2) Do you guys recommend I strip it dry (i.e. put stripper right on the wood w/o wetting the deck or fence first)...
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    is everyone ready?

    we have 6" of snow here in N. IL...... But believe me I am ready to start making some easy cash again this season! I plan on marketing aggressively this spring. I am going to send mailers out to all my customer base in late March and run an ad May through September. This is my 4th...
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    Full or Part-Timer?

    Curious as to whether people on this board are full timers or part timers. I am personally a part-timer. Working after work and weekends. This is my 3rd season. The $$ is tempting me to go full time. John
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    Hows Business?

    I'd like to get everyones thought on their current business situation.....Typical July Slowdown or more than usual. I was incredibly busy in May and June, now Im starting to slowdown. I still have work but the phone is not ringing off the hook. Hows everyone else doing - hopefully...
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    Customer Follow UP

    I am curious if you guys follow up on estimates or do as I do....just file them and if they call they call. I have come to the experience that if you do an estimate and the customer wants the work done they will call you. Do you agree or disagree? John
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    Hose Repair

    I had one of my hoses for a 2000psi machine touch the muffler and burn a hole in you guys have any recommendations for repairs? I am assuming duck tape won't work. Thanks in Advance, John
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    Sherwin Williams Cuprinol

    I would like to get the seasoned veterans opinion on Sherwin Williams Cuprinol Toners: Cedar, Redwood, Natural. I have used these products for 2 years now. I am thinking of switching to Wohlmans. Mainly due to cost. Even at my contractor discount I am paying $20.50/gal. It seems most...