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    new building

    Bidding on a 13,000 square foot building. A CVC pharmacy. I figured between .5 and .13 cent per square. Any suggestions for final clean?
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    another resterarunt

    Must do a resterarunt 4500 sq feet. Ceramic tile, 4 sinks, 6 aluminum tables, 36 booths, 3 ovens, 104 chairs, 1 saled bar, 1 pasta table, 1 pop machine, 2 ice machines, 15 windows. Giving me 3 days to make it shine. I figure about 2,500. any other figures out there?
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    clean up

    great I submitted a price and it came out to about .8 an square, so I'm excited about doing such a large project.
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    Ceramic Floors

    I found a really good cleaner for ceramic tile from my Janitorial supplier. I tested it today with a scrubber. Anyone have the breakdown for square feet when cleaning. It is a resteraunt with 3600 sq feet. It seems that this should also be done at least monthly. Does anyone have the answer?
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    clean up

    thanks I really really appreciate your response! Gold bless
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    clean up

    19000 sq feet to rough clean. How much would you charge?
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    Restoration and construction

    constructioncleanup does anyone have any idea how they would charge for 19,200 sq feet of commercial property to be general cleaned before contractors go in. Lots of sweeping. It's a rough clean not a final clean but will lead to a final clean.
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    Car lots

    ok underestimating human potential is funny to me. It's all assumptions. I have the money to buy the unit. One thing about me is that I am great. There is a lot of negativity at this site. Not all though, and I really appreacial the solid advice. It's gold! I am not over my head. I am a...
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    Car lots

    shameful this is pitiful! I am going to write to the administrators of this site. How depressing, how negative a response was that. First of all I said that I would start at 1 dollar. I have to work out the details. I am bright and can do anything anyone else can do. I have insurance and...
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    training videos for sale

    video I am interested in purshasing them from you. undefined
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    Car lots

    undefined I have just received my first car lot to power wash. Can anyone give me step by step directions about washing all the cars. I am charging one dollar per vehicle. Do I need a hot unit? Or can I just get by with a cold unit 2400 psi? It's with a Ford dealership and I want to do...
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    washing cars

    need help asap. Can cars be cleaned with a normal power washing unit or do they have to be cleaned with the hot units or with a dio0onized unit? I need to know yesterday. I have a bid that I am considering with a lot with one thousand cars on it.
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    what type of power washe is needed for washing cars on a lot? does it have to be a hot water unit or a hot unit? or a d.i unit?