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    How do I change my signature?

    Thank you. I needed to take my company name off the signature because in a google search of the name my questions where coming up for people to read. I'm a rookie but I would rather not advertise that to my customers. Thanks again.
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    How do I change my signature?

    I can't edit my signature on here. I went to my profile and my user name but it has no option to edit. I didn't know where to post this so hopefully someone will see it. Thanks.
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    New guy with a question about terracotta pool tiles

    Thank you that's what I was hoping.
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    New guy with a question about terracotta pool tiles

    My neighbor asked me to come take a look at her terracotta pool tile that is covered in mold and algae. I was wondering what chemical you guys have had success with on porous tile like this? Could I use my standard chlorine/surfactant/H2O mix that I use on vinyl siding?
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    How much should I get paid to be a sub?

    Hi guys I'm in my first year of business and planned on staying with power washing vinyl houses and learn wood later. I was approached by an old friend that has been specializing in strip and seal of high end wood sided homes and decks. He doesn't want to do it any more and he said he will give...
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    How much experience did you have?

    I have zero experience, I've practiced on my own house and deck and three friends and family homes. I had a buddy that worked for a PW company and told me the equipment you need and the chemicals to use.I've done one paying job for a beautiful lake house in May taking twice as long as I should...
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    New Guy

    Hi fellas I'm a newbie up here in upstate NY. I just put together my rig to try to make a little extra dough. I ended up getting a Pressure Pro Honda 13HP 4.5 GPM washer, X jet, 300 gal water tank, 150 hose, and a dual lance wand. I've been reading everything I can get my hands on to shorten the...