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    Cleaning seminar

    seminars get ahold of a chemical supplier, have him / her explain in detail 4 - 5 products stress the importance of dilution ratios, more is not better on.... i don't care for equipment mfg seminars, for the most part they are a sales pitch but ,, can be informational most good...
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    Water at edge of window

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    Can you identify this machine ?

    what is it .. it is an old steam jenny still in business i have one similar is ......ok makes steam not much pressure however i am cleaning mine up for a job next month locker rooms at health club send yours to me .. i'll put it to use tom
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    Illegal Immigrants

    read this and weep Quietly but systematically, the Bush Administration is advancing the plan to build a huge NAFTA Super Highway, four football-fields-wide, through the heart of the U.S. along Interstate 35, from the Mexican border at Laredo, Tex., to the Canadian border north of Duluth, Minn...
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    Investing in aerial lift...worth it???

    boom I rent them 3 - 4 times a year the cost is minimal compared to a broken arm off a ladder check RSG web site for rates, but the last time i rented one it was a total of $285.00 for 3 days sunday is free ( i work sundays) this includes pick up and deliver costs.. i would recommend 4WD...
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    soda blaster

    soda blast i did a lot of research on soda / sand blast here is a useful link "soda Joe" is most helpful and a real character to do it right you are looking at a $8 k investment but the results are most impressive i watched a guy strip part of a car in nothing flat...
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    cleaning brick inside

    3 and 4 of 4 last 2 of 4 when i finish job .. if my bid is accepted i will post some pictures thanks xoddah
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    cleaning brick inside

    interior brick clean specs i'll try this once again
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    cleaning brick inside

    specification for indoor brick wash well for crying out loud ... i will try and upload later time to go to work ... in the interm .... any help with red brick interior CHEMICALS appreciated xoddah
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    cleaning brick inside

    interior brick Attached are specs called for on a job i just bid PDF tape floor. blue tarp tape this to the tape already on the floor -double seal- make a barrier / dam with a hose .. or something under the tarp to keep water from rinning off onto the floor .. put a wet vac wand...
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    Wanting to get into thid field.

    I am thinking of getting into new construction clean up next year I have done new construction clean up for 12 years (and am adding PW to my services) get Don Asslett's book READ IT and guess 50 - 100 per (as above) find a small commercial remodel, close to home ..offer free boot scrapers...
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    which pump for DIY

    i am a new construction cleanup (12 years) ((among other things)) guy i have a sandblaster i use occasionally, clemco 600cfm run by a 671 detroit diesel i have the skills and knowledge to mount a wash pump on the accessory drive of the engine i know all about drive ratios, gear and pulley...
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    Bad experience with SILVER EAGLE Manuf.

    not impressed with your reply it is obvious you are not a business major
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    12% bleach concentrations

    google chemcoa portland oregon talk to ron jensen they can provied "bleach" chlorine, straight byutl, peroxide, citrus oil concentrates ... 1011C is the best stuff i have ever used for repair shop floors BUT be absolutely sure of what you are doing this is dangerous stuff...
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    New members we need your help.

    New to Forum hello my name is Tom operating Haddox Building Maintenance for 12 years in Portland Oregon in a past life i was region manager for a large trucking company and responsible for 8 freight terminals, all equipment and facilities so i contracted many small businesses just like...
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    Dog Poop Smell

    I was just wondering what other chems should I use to counter that smell of poo? clean up as described in other posts THEN rinse with clean water go to a janitorial supply house NOT a big box store it will need to dry for a day so you have time get an enzime made for just this thing...