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    selling your service to a town

    can anyone give me some info on trying to sell your service's to a town. We have some town's that have a main street and is basicly their only buissness district. It full of shop's,bar's,coffee house's,deli's,ect... The sidewalk's are outside cafe's,table's for sale stuff ect.... Well they...
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    Well come on DAN

    What's the pre-spray test result's?
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    12 volt pump's

    i see most use the shur-flo pump's that are not the PISTON type. At northerntool they sell complete PISTON PUMP set-up's for that TREE sprayer[80 ft range]. They do not list the 12 volt PISTON PUMP'S sepreatly. Where can i find one of these 12 volt piston pump's? Grainger dose'nt have them...
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    ive been looking at pressurewashersdepot and would like your opinion on what acid you would get if you could'nt find local stuff?
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    calling MARK

    What happened to the price list for IDT you were sending me?
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    ron p/truck washing

    I am sure not getting involved with that HF thread but will say this. Bigboy has his own ''style'' and to some it's offensive,some just dont get it,some just loose interest,ect.... Dont confuse ''style'' for stupididty, that would be stupid. Now i feel like i know a large % of how/why, why...
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    I dont have my DSL set-up yet at my new home. Im useing dial-up. I rather give myself a root canal then use dial-up. As for this post, what did you switch too as far as soap? Im way behind on posting and getting info because of dial-up but i suffered this much to get the scoop from you...
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    Hi Bigboy

    i was just going over RATIO'S with someone and went to use the RED POWDER as a sample. The direction's given for that powder and truck washing are- 8 oz of powder to 1 gal water = concentrate the person asking the question is useing a shur-flo pump to apply his chem. In their newspaper they...
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    Ok here is my problem. I ran my lines 20 ft from bottom of drum, through a pvc pipe[for protection and mounting] that is 10 inc above the height of the 20 gal drums. Now my manafold is simply valves that connect to T's by a short piece of 3/8ths line. Then i stacked 4 of them. I could'nt find...
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    got a couple of questions for you. Im stetting up my chem lines to draw from 20 gal drums. Im useing 3/8 ths line. The lines are 25 ft long from bottom of drum to the valve set-up whice will mount next to the washer. Will i have any problems pulling the chem? Do i need a way to prime the...
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    hey bigboy

    i know you dont post on mikes bbs but do you think that it's strange that PARKER and CODY show up on the same day? They sure sound a lot a like.
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    i wonder if

    these HUMAN SHIELDS that are headed over seas to stop the war have gotten the small pox shot yet? Between the 2 choices i think i rather be shot. When the shot becomes available who will and who wont get it and why? What will you decide for your kids? Anyone have split thinking between...
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    opinion needed

    we have a local SUSHI place that dose all there advertising by handing out flyers. They canvass 12 towns in the area. How would you go about approacing them to include a PRO-WASH ad. I am guessing they dont have permit's to do this but seem's no one cares. It seem's to be the way they use the...
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    what is your opinion on the rotating brush heads?
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    roll over nozzles

    has anyone tried the "no touch type" yet. I use a dual lance but just saw a type that has a ball in it. Something about turning the wand upside down,the ball drops,squeeze the trigger and the ball keeps in place. Release the trigger and your back to high pressure. Maybe im just late to see...
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    alkota csf-1 water treatment

    Has anyone got some info on this recycling system it runs on 110volts and i want to know if i can use this as a mobile recovery system? ive got a gen. Are they any good? What would a new one cost? What is the market for a good used one?
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    hey Dan

    on the replys, the reply's are running off my screen and i cant read them. it's like the return on typwriter is longer then the frame box.
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    mark need help

    my unloader crapped out and my hot water stopped. i changed the unloader,set it, and changed the pressure switch. Everything on that end seems fine. Started the burner no problems. Thought i had it fixed. After about a min or two the hot water stops. Charged battery. Still stops. changed fuel...
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    flow switch

    mark what is the purpose of a flow switch? If it fails what will the wash unit do or not do? The switch im thinking about is the one thats on the out going side of my burner just above my downstreamer. I had a wireing prob. and want to make sure ive got it right. everything works.
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    ron p

    thanks MIKE