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    truck sale (special)

    I posted a truck i was selling a couple months ago, had lots of interest but never sold it. I've been very busy and had it on the back burner, but i need to get it sold now. Boxvan 89' Ford E350, 14' box new white paint new 351 motor 133K miles 300gal. vertical tank...
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    Rebel or Yank??

    Here is a link where you can put in your last name and see all of the people that fought in the Civil War with your same last name. You can see how your relatives fought!!! How funny would it be if Bigboy's bloodline all fought for the North!?!? :) I haven't tried it yet, a buddy...
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    Boxvan for Sale (Jon Fife)

    here are a couple more pics of the van which was started in a different thread.
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    An Idea for Sunbrite

    Tracy/chris, Here is an idea i'd like to see you guys build on. I know you guys do a class for wood restoration (or used to), but i'd like to go to a class on running the business. Many guys (especially me) can do the work, market for jobs, etc. but really suck when...
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    Don't jump ship just yet!

    cant find extendawand hello guys, i cannot find anyone who sells these. Espec quit selling them, Mark doesn't, delco doesn't, and Glenn doesn't. Anyone know of a distributor that will ship?? jon oh, by the way, i called them and couldn't get anyone to answer the phone.
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    Warren Smathers Asap

    hello Warren, I saw you were from Charlotte---please contact me asap, i have some work for you to look at. If anyone else from charlotte reads this feel free to email me. regards, jon fife
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    pw costs

    hey guys, i have been pricing new hot water skids, and want to know if i am missing any. i'll be getting 3000@5gpm, do about 75% wood. i have seen the tuff skids for about 2,800-3000 dollars. I don't use my machines 40-60 hrs a week like a lot of you guys, due to the nature of...
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    pw setup

    hello guys, well, i guess it is that time of the year when we start planning for next year (for us wood guys). My particular plans involve my equipment set up. I am looking for suggestions, advice and any other pertinent info. I currently work out of an enclosed trailer which...
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    strange sealer

    Hello guys, ...was giving an estimate on a large deck today with a finish that i could not detect. I applied stripexL to the deck which was successful. The finish was very shiny and felt acrylic. When i applied stripper, it came off in a way that looked like CWF (looked like dead...
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    Hey guys, Any special precautions to take with Redwood?? I plan on treating it the same way as I would Cedar, expecting a lot of felting. Have you guys found any finishes out there in particular that you like for redwood?? The customer wants something that is going to look very...
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    Behr Problems

    Hello Guys and Gals, I think we are all informed on the problems that Behr is having regarding their lawsuits in the northwest. My question is, are any of you guys using this as a marketing strategy?? Have you all seen those commercials on TV from lawyers who are asking if you have...
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    how do you change your username?? looked all around and couldn't figure out how to do it. thanks for the help-- jon fife nashville,Tn
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    Hello gentlemen, Any of you ever use TWP?? Didn't you use to use it some GregGCR?? I am interested to hear some feedback from anyone that has used it themselves. I am sure you have come on to decks with badly failed twp (or anything else for that matter) but without seeing the...
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    hello all, Beth and others, do you know how detailed you can be when using a database of homeowners?? What i mean is, I know you can buy cd's that telemarketers use which tell you info on homeowners. Do y'all know if you can do a detailed search of those homes to see if they are log...
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    cedar roof restoration

    hello fellas, Several questions seem to get asked about cedar roof restoration, and it seems like there are few on this forum that have had much experience working on them. I found a website that has some good info on it. I am not sure off the address, but if you go to yahoo and...
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    Val-Pak results

    hello gentlemen, I hope this post doesn't get moved, because i think this info is particularly valueable to us wood guys. I decided to give valpak a try, and i have mixed feelings. the way they do the valpak here is that the areas of the city are separated into 10,000 home...
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    Behr stripping (again)

    Hello fellas, I don't have any problem stripping behr off of wood. I have found that hd-80 and stripex both work quite well. However..............I was called about a deck that a lady had stained a week ago. It is behr, a dark red color. She hates it, and wants me to strip it...
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    Ready seal guys

    hello Fellas, The guys at ready seal sent me a light red seal instead of the dark red. I was wondering if you guys had ever used this color, and how close is it to the dark Red?? This is one of those jobs that i think i may come up a couple gallons short on, and I was even...
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    Need help FAST!!!

    hi guys, i need some help here real quickly. a guy wanted me to strip solid stain of of the floor of a screened porch, and i did it with stripexL and did a pretty good job, but not good enough to put a semi-stain down. i need something local and readily available to strip the rest...
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    Hey Beth

    hi Beth, I have read several of your posts in which you seem to be very pleased with the HD-80 product. I was wondering, have you tried it on Solid color stains??? in some of your posts, i understood that maybe you had, but i am unsure. I have access to strippers that will...