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    Proud Sponsor

    Hey Gang Its been along time since I posted or viewed any post . I been busy with the other stuff Kids Family Work etc just don't get a chance to get on the old inter-net. This is one of my favorite sites though and before I decided to post anything or reply , I got my check book and before...
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    Winter 's great for Cleaning out Gutters

    Remember the odd jobs this time of year. Its easy for the most part we have 200' of hose to go on top of a house and blow the leaves etc out of the Gutters for a quick revenue .( Be careful )we have found the 0 degree nozzle can reah way out there and cut back on alot of roof walking . But be...
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    Pressure washer for sale

    This guy in my town is selling his equipment. I talked with him today he is moving into another line of work . the unit is a landa 16hp hotwater skid model on a 14' trailer with 350 gallon tank he has flat surface cleaner ,wands 150' hose etc I believe the set up is 3 yrs old with around 120 hrs...
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    training videos for sale

    Spent the weekend cleaning in the office and ran across six videos from ***** I bought 2.5 yrs ago . I think I paid 200.00 dollars for 1. house washing 2. bells and whistles recycling 4.flat work 5. restaurant vent hood cleaning 6. starting your own cleaning business . they at least...
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    whats the best airless sprayer tip size

    Ok , I got an airless sprayer what size tip is best for stains
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    Hey Dan who's these members ?????

    hey is there anyway to see where all these registered members are from ? any search listing type of thing ?
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    Love the X-jet Gonna give Ron A big Hug !!!!!!!!

    Man I like the X-jet from Ron At xterior don't have time to explain but truly a must have tool, no longer pressure washing each part of the house . extentsions ,ladders stayed on the trailer. cut the job time in half If you can get it guys and girls, get get get it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    lap marks lap marks lap marks " please"

    I been using these natuaral cedar tones that are oh so forgiven . I did a semi- tran gray deck and may have 6 or 7 over lap marks . what can I do to blend them in . Dilute them with a thinner or cleaner and feather them out ?????????????????????
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    Deisel fuel and hydraulic oil as a sealer

    Have a guy that wants me to clean his deck and then he will treat it with deisel and hydraulic oil. may sound crued but isn't ready seal primarly based with parrafin oil or lamp oil . Not that I would recommend this method but has anyone got any history with this how long does it last...
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    Drive way ......Exactly How I cleaned

    Ok the drive is concrete 2,000 sq ft Looking at it its just black alot of carbon black settled on the drive I used a product called white Lightning , just a Strong Alkaline. Sprayed the drive way Down through my down stream injector so thats probably wrong because the chemical is now diluted...
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    Exactly what I did on this deck step by step

    The deck is 224 sq ft 14x16 pressure treated greyed real bad ,but look deep past the weatehered grey around the bottom you can see a tinge of grey color stain . I asked the lady ,she said her son-n- law stained it 5 or 6 years ago. The cleaner I chose was restore ( sodium percarbonate) because...
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    a way to clean rust stains on concrete

    Question: How can rust stains be removed from a concrete floor? Answer: The procedure recommended by the Portland Cement Association is to dissolve 1 lb. of oxalic acid powder in 1 gallon of water. Liberally soak the stains and allow solution to remain in place for two to three hours. Then...
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    Downstream injector ratio ????

    Ok I have 5gpm 3500psi unit I use a alison type down stream injector 16% to 20% draw the best I can figure when I put in my soaker tip and drop my line in my chemical I get somewhere between 15:1 or 20:1 .... is there anyway to get a richer mixture with this method or would I just use my...
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    Something extra I do

    Guys I try to get premium price for my service . And sometimes I wonder If my customer might share with a brother in-law etc about his house wash and if the price comes up I don't want my customer to feel he was over charged because brother in-law knows some cheap guy. Any way sometimes the...
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    Idea for chat nights and board

    Hey Dan and fellow cleaners . I was thinking how about you guys that can post photos ( I can scan some and e-mail them) What if we posted one or two pictures a week ,say like a Cedar sided house all weathered up and let it be exibit A) and we can talk exclusively about that on monday night or...
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    response to Jim Bilyea hot water on wood

    Jim I 've been doing some decks along with my primary house washing . but in the past have only used cold water because I was lead to believe . qoute "Cold Water Washers are normally used as heat will expand and cause the wood to absorb too much water" . ( ***** ) So I haven't really used...
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    house wash chemical application survey

    We talked before about our recipes for house wash. Lets say you make a five gallon bucket of wash 2 parts bleach 1 cup of liquid tide or other and the rest water. OK ,now do you use a down stream injector with 20% draw or with your recipes do you use a shurflow ???
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    My gutter Zap & nu-again report

    I used the gutter zap this week for the first time on some beige gutters sprayed on and let it dwell 1 min . and the black streaks sprayed off . ( the next house may be different though ?) Also cleaned a asphalt shingle roof with Nu-Again .Worked really great, easy to rinse.
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    has anyone cleaned a camper or RV

    Alot of folks are setting up permanent campers around the lakes here and building decks on them etc. I see the market for the decks and also cleaning the aluminum sided campers but what concerns me is the correct chemical that want damage all that sporty stripes and lettering on the side of the...
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    privacey fence bid???help

    trying to give a clean and seal bid . fence is treated pine 8 ft tall do both sides . one stretch is 40 ' long 8 ' tall. the other is 54' long 8' tall