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    Cabot vs. Ready Seal

    I AGREE ! Ready Seal is the answer. Unfortunately last years consumer reports judged Cabot very highly. The normal homeowner hasn't got a clue as to what else is out there. If he wants to get technical and compare solids n chemical make up etc. he can always call sun brite or Ready Seal in...
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    Hi Barry, Welcome to our world of wood restoration, Yes , we at Sun Brite do require all customers to give us a deposit, we get 1/3 of the job up front, we tell them that when we receive the deposit , we then schedule there work. Now these can be a touchy area, especially for those who are new...
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    White latex caulk

    Hey Tuna, I would first try "stripsol" it works well on most latex products, or I would sand it. If you want stripsol call sunbrite 770-277-6363 it's like $25.00 bucks a gallon (not cheap) but works pretty well. sanding is cheaper and never fails. good luck Chris Detter/ Sunbrite
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    polyurethane on a deck,removal?

    Hey Dakota, I don't know what to strip polyurethane with other than sanding it off, Maybe someone else has had more experience with it. sorry, chris Detter sunbrite
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    ok i'll do it for FREE!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey Dan, Walk away from this guy as fast as you can. I've seen too many who want your services for free, Plus after you do it for nothing he's the guy who will keep hounding you to touch it up forever. Let some newbee lose the money and gain the experience. Remember, you get what you pay for...
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    3 cedar floating docks?

    Hey Steve, We are Ready seal distributors and love the product but we still use only Extreme on most of our docks, You can't go wrong. If you want to chat w/ us our office # is 770-277-6363 or we will be glad to explain why. Thanks Chris Detter/ Sun brite
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    How to get rid of the Green top layer on wolmanized deck

    Hi Tim, I would go with your first impulse, using a bleach soultion followed with a neutralizer. Be sure the wood is dry before sealing, as long as the wood has cured you'll be OK. Good luck Chris
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    how much extra do YOU charge for elevated decks?

    Hey Mike Here in Atlanta at Sun Brite, we use the same formula as lower decks but we charge $12.oo per step, Thanks Chris
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    Black Willow Fencing????

    Dan Sorry, I tried to reply a few days ago from my computer at work, but for some reason it did.nt work, Don't be afraid of the black willow. Wash it with "SafeWash" No need to neutralize. the seal with Ready Seal but put 20% mineral spirits in the Ready Seal, as far as color do a test...
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    Wolman Extreme

    Hey Rick! How have you been? It's good to hear from you. Hope everything is going good for you. Anyway You know we are big into Ready Seal, but we also have a large business at a big lake just north east of Atlanta, over 8000 permitted docks, we put Wolmans Extreme on all the ones we get.We use...
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    knots on cedar wood

    Hey Tom We use Ready Seal on all our decks, When we do cedar decks we add mineral sprits(Paint thinner) to the sealer it helps the knots absorb the sealer deeper and tends to look better and last longer, Chris@ sunbrite
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    POLL Seal/Stain Technique

    We use the Deck Hand for everything, applying cleaners, strippers, brighteners and sealer, The only thing we use an airless for is Wolman Extreme and Cabot solid color stain, Chris @ sunbrite
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    Log Homes & Ready Seal

    Hey Greg, How are you? We do all our log homes with Ready Seal easy to apply no runs etc. longetivy is amazing color is beautiful. chris @ sunbrite
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    Hey Everybody Sunbrite uses Cabot, But only The soilid coler stains for our combo decks white Linen are the most popular some green too. Graet stuff we apply it by airles sprayer Chris
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    Cleaning deck with multiple layers of CWF

    Hey Mike, I would just treat this deck like a simple, quick maintenance job. use an oxygenated bleach powder/ solution mixed with water "safewash" wash with light pressure, You are very lucky they don't want you to strip it off. Seems only people in Georgia want it stripped off, It's a bear to...
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    Cleaning/Sealing brand-new decks

    Hey Mike, Your right there are a lot of different opinions out there, so let me throw in my two cents worth, hope it helps answer your question. 1. How long should you wait to clean & seal a new deck? You can actually clean and seal a new deck almost immediately, just as soon as the wood is...
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    Stains and Sealers

    Hey Roy Here's the way we apply Ready seal to the floors, 2 very light coats, we spray the first coat on, wait 5 minutes, wait 3-5 minutes make sure it's all soaked in, then spray another light coat on. I'm not talking about 2 heavy coats just 2 very light ones. This process makes the wood...
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    Wolman versus Ready Seal!

    Hey Rob Thanks for asking about Ready Seal. You call either Pete or me at Sun Brite Services in Lawrenceville, Ga. (Suburb of Atlanta)at 770-277-6363 or check out our web site we also have other wood cleaning chemicals and supplies, we have an area called (ask a pro)...
  19. C & Ready Seal

    Dear Mr. Perkins, You can get Ready Seal in Texas from either Declco Cleaning Systems. or you can call Ready Products directly . There in Lewisville, Tx. They have a web site too. Thanks for asking Good luck in the bussss. Chris Detter/Sunbrite
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    Hey Timdar, Sun Brite Sevices in Atlanta would charge $ 1254.20 on your deck. you did say whether there were any steps. we add $12.00 for each step too. Good luck, you'll love the business Chris