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    What organizations do you belong to and Why ?

    I can't ever recall seeing this question. What organizations do you belong to and Why ? Charlie
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    Brick Cleaning

    What to all use to clean brick that is bio- degradable? Charlie
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    A question for Tim Smith

    Have you done your first job yet? If so what was it? What do you plan on specializing in? Charlie
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    Deck sealer

    Has anyone heard og Adsel deck product? Charlie
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    Being on the Board of Directors Of PWNA

    Does the Board of Directors of PWNA get paid? And has the PWNA ever been audited and the results given to its members? Charlie a PWNA member
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    Aaladin pressure washer

    Has anybody ever used a Aaladin 4000 series pressure washer? Charlie
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    Jon Pave Clean Demo

    Well Jon how did the Pave Clean Demo go? Charlie
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    Item from auction

    Seller: Easy Clean Buyer Charlie Roy Received water boom. Great service. A+++++++ service.
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    Hot water pressure washer

    Hot waster pressure washer 4-5 gpm 3500 psi. Portable, Honda engine. Charlie
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    Auction Great

    Dan Your auction site was a great idea. One suggestion have a comment section so we can praise the seller and buyer so the whole www will no. Charlie
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    sodium hydroxide cleaners

    Need Companies names and numbers that sells sodium hydroxide cleaners/strippers. Thank you. Charlie
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    Behr Law Suit

    Need info on the behr lawsuit. Can't find in the archives. All I need is the web site that says what it is all about. Charlie
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    PWNA Covention In Miami

    Curious who is going to PWNA convention in Miami? Charlie
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    Powerwashing contracts

    Looking for a company that sells Powerwashing contracts. Charlie
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    Hot water pressure washer

    Looking to buying a Hot Pressure washer. Will be doing concrete with it. How much PSI should I get? How much GPM is needed? Where is a good place to buy one. Told to try to buy locally looking at all my options. All advice is much appreciated. Charlie Go Yankees.
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    Powerwashers in the midwest

    How many of you are from the midwest? How long have you been in business. Full time or part-time Charlie
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    PWNA convention

    Hello I will be attening the PWNA convention in Pittsburg, PA. I have booked a room with 2 double beds. My wife will not attending the convention with me. If anybody is going to the convention, I will split the room cost with them. Room rate is $109 plus 14% tax. I will be arriving on Oct...
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    knot on cedar wood white

    What causes the knots of the wood on knew cedar wood to turn white after cleaning them? What can i do to prevent that from happening? We use a waterbase semi-transparent sealant on them? Charlie
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    PWNA seminar

    Has anyone gone to the PWNA seminiar before? Is it worth it?
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    deck protector

    Has anybody heard of One Time 7 year the Ultimate Deck Protector made by Bond Dist. Says it last 7 years. ------------------