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    "Stiffed" as a board

    Small claims court does wonders Ron
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    Recovery cost?

    We usually add 20 to 30% for water reclaimation. Ron/Xterior ------------------
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    Deionized(DI) water is produced by canisters shaped much like hydrogen tanks. They are filled with resins that take out all minerals and solids which gives you 100% pure water. The tanks are in line with the garden hose and introduced into the water supply(water tank). Each canister should...
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    X-Jet draw

    Tim, Just saw your post tonite. There are 3 probables to this problem. If you are on the top of a ladder, it won't draw at that heigth. You have to be lower to get a vaccuum. Secondly, You might have an air leak around the clamps at the shut off valve or a pinhole in the hose. The third problem...
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    Removing bird droppings from copper

    Mike, Our Xcrete product will clean copper. ROn ------------------
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    Roof Job Pictures

    GREAT JOB, GLEN, These are the kinds of jobs that not too many people are doing and they are abundant in the South. You might want to tell all our friends how you measured and priced the job. We measure the square feet of the house and add 1/3 of the total for the pitch of the roof(2,000 sf...
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    X-Jet Accessory

    Good morning Big Bill, Mike is right. Install a 1/4" male quick connect in the gun where the lance screws in and add a 1/4" female plug to the lance where it screws into the gun. This way you can also break the gun down for easy storage. If you need extra hose, we have it or you can purchase it...
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    transitioning into hot water...have a question

    Scootermannn, You need a bypass setup. This consists of a water tank that feeds the pump at the inlet and a return hose back to the tank. This application wil give you fresh water to the pump so you won't have to worry about the machine running continously. Your local Service Center will tell...
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    Ned, Take a half gallon of water and put your suction hose into the gallon jug. Take your nozzle off your lance and spray into a bucket until the half gallon of water is gone. Measure what you have in the bucket and that will tell you what dilution rate you are getting.(1/2 gal times 4 1/2 gals...
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    New temporary Web site address

    Good morning Friends, Xterior and our good friend Randy at Aran Services have just built a new web site that has additional info and we are waiting for it to be activated. In the meantime you can reach it by going to http// Thanks again for all your support. Ron...
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    Clean and seal concrete

    Hello Maz, We have a concrete restoration product called Stone Brite. It will will take care of rust on contact as well as fertilizer stains, radiator stains, etc. It will produce dramatic results on concrete, limestone; granite. call me at 1-800-983-7467 and I will send you a sample to test...
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    someone wanna elighten me? x-jet.downstream????

    If your schedule permits, call me at 1-800-983-7467 and I will explain how the X-Jet works. Ron Strickland Xterior Sales and Service X-Jet Technologies
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    tile - please help.

    Jon, There is a product called CSP that is formulated to clean tile and grout without eching or frosting the surface. It will clean glazed and unglazed ceramic, quarry, mexican tile without damage. It is especially good for efflourecence. Email me and I will send you a sample to test. Ron/Xterior
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    The Wolman Deckhand?

    JR., Empire Manufacturing who makes the Deck Hand did give Wolman the distributor rights. As I understand it, You can only purchase the Deck Hand and the Deck Mate from Wolman or a Wolman distributor. Ron/Xterior
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    Need info on roof cleaning

    Good morning Richard, Call me and I'll help you with your roof cleaning job. We can tell you how to clean it, how to measure; what to charge and what to use. Ron Xterior Sales and Service
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    Roof Damage From Power Washing

    Hey Laurie, How much pressure did Randy use to clean the roof? Was the pressure flapping the shingles? Try to find out if the "new" leak is in the same general area as the previous leak or is it leaking somewhere totally different. Ron/Xterior
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    Newly paved parking lot Cleaning.....

    Is the parking lot concrete or asphalt? Is the dirt clay or just dirt? If it is concrete, a light application of muriatic acid can be put down. The best way to clean a large project like this is to locate a fire hydrant close by, get a water meter from the water department and use a fire hose to...
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    stained a deck and it looks worse then it did before...HELP!!

    The first thing you should always do is perform a splash test with water in various places on the deck. If it beads anywhere, you have old sealer. In your case, all is not lost. Strip the old F&P off and start over again(I know you don't want to hear this). You should wait 24 to 72 hours before...
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    Starting out

    Bugsy, Call us at Xterior Sales and Service,at 1-800-983-7467 and we will be glad to help you get started with your venture. Ron Strickland
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    Little Help

    Dan, Don't know him now but I talk to a lot of people everyday. He'll surface soon and I,ll contact you. Ron/Xterior