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    Sandblast unit..

    Mark, Could you send me some prices on sandblasting units? Via email listed on this thread. Also any specials on 8gpm skid Hot and steam units. I have a new trailer to put the washer in, Thank you Tom
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    2007 deck redo

    Customer was going to tear down the deck and build new. We did some new board replacement and spindle repair,also did a color match to the house and sealer..
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    Hey Mark you on??
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    hotsy pumps

    Anyone have a hotsy pump? Are they any good looking for spare pumps heard bad and good on them? Tom
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    Just a idea:

    Good Morning to all, This is just a idea that i thought I would throw out there. Have noticed alot of new members on PWN and being new to this site as well thought this might be of help. Instead of going thru all the threads on here maybe having a List of soaps and chemicals and...
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    Oil Industry

    Anyone out there do any work with oil rigs or oil feild work? Would like to hear from you. Thank you,
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    Wondering if there are any members (contractors) From the colorado area or montana region? Our company does heavy commercial work, mostly earthmoving equipment. Wondering who is out there???
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    Hello to All!!!

    Hello everyone from HOTTT BLASTERS.... We are located in the wiliston ND. basin area. My Name is Tom My wife Lisa and i look forward to getting to know you...