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    Happy Birthday Dan

    Hey Guys, Thanks for the Happy Birthday. Sorry I missed that message. I hope all is well with you guys. Have a great day. [hello]
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    2 all papa's !

    Thanks Dan :) Same to you. I'm wearing the worlds greatest DADS shirt right now.
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    wow 60years young !!

    Happy Birthday Larry :) Thanks for all your support over the years, helping run the PWN.
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    really test test
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    Training Seminar - Have you heard

    Hey Bridget, Long time no see! Just curious to why you would want to attend. You have what appears to be a 2nd generation business. That seem to be very successful? Maybe you should hold a seminar! I'm sure we all can learn a lot from you. It's wonderful to see you post again. I thought...
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    Been a long time

    Hey Walt, Great to hear from you again. Hope all is well with the family and work. Have a great weekend. Don't be a stranger :)
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    How the heck?????

    That feature is not available to anyone. Ask them for there phone number or email address.
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    Happy B-Day David Saulque

    Happy Birthday old man :)
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    Welcome to the PWN. Posting new messages is a great way to give back to the community. Hope we can help you with your pressure washing. I'm sure you can help with window cleaning and anything else you think you can contribute. Your website says you have 20 years experience :) Thanks for joining !
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    1/2 hour untill

    Dan , Nice to see at least one winner from your area :) Congrates Dano
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    equipment 4 sale

    As bad as it is at the PWN, at least you spent enough time here to sell your stuff. We're so glad you were able to tolerate us long enough to get your sale on market. Ooh and read all the posts here.. If you can dish it out I'm sure you can take it. Look in the dictionary under the word...
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    Biggest Providers

    Why Ron was even mention in that question is unreasonable. I think Scott is the biggest by far :)
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    Insurance time-crunch!!!!

    Well Doug, Not sure how to take that, but I will take that positively because I know you are one of the true professionals that truly bless us all with your knowledge. If you would like to donate. Look at the top of any page right below the banner. You'll see a donation button. If you...
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    Insurance time-crunch!!!!

    Ken, I gave my opinion and that was it. You can see that the insurance guys name is still in the post. So I didn't censor out John's opinion. I did remove the link to Walters and asked John and whom ever to do the direct exchange of info via email or phone. I think that's fair. I...
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    Insurance time-crunch!!!!

    Well John, I'm glad it's working for you. I have to admit that I don't know his current rates. I still don't like the fact he's not local though. If you want to share Walters information, ask James Swinarton for his phone or email and promote Walters that way I don't want to promote...
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    Insurance time-crunch!!!!

    Look for insurance locally! Walters insurance is way to high. I have State Farm and and it's half the price and they're a mile away not across the country, taking advantage of the new contractor that doesn't know any better.
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    New Organization Formed

    If it matters I did the edit on this thread :)
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    New Organization Formed

    Scott, Which Dan are you referring too. I don't want to answer a post unless I know it was to me.
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    New Organization Formed

    NaCIO, You seem to fit in that circle well, so I don't think it's limited to just a few "good olé boys" at all. By the way thanks for given back. We hope that if contractors find at least one little thing on this forum that helps them. That they will give back and make informative posts...
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    Bad experience with SILVER EAGLE Manuf.

    Hey Guys, Mark from easy clean is our sponsor for a reason. He is very dependable, honest and always available willing to take your call or email and get you up and running ASAP. As stated above he can get most any part quickly regardless of the equipment your using. Give them a try and you...