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    Log home cleaning staining NC

    Log home restoration in North Carolina by Carolina ProWash
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    Deck Cleaning Staining NC

    Pressure treated deck in NC cleaned and stained by Carolina ProWash
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    Graffiti Removal North Carolina

    Graffiti removal in North Carolina by Carolina ProWash
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    Ipe Deck Cleaning & Sealing North Carolina

    Ipe deck restoration in Wake County NC by Carolina ProWash
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    Cedar siding Restoration North Carolina

    Cedar siding restored by Carolina ProWash
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    Mark - I need to speak to you

    Hey Mark, Can you pm me the best way to get in touch with you (email, phone, whatever) There's an idiot out on the net who I believe tried to take a shot at me and got you instead. Thanks, Celeste
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    Carolina ProWash is being LOCKED UP for GOOD!

    Roger is going behind bars AGAIN, for MDA. Please help to raise his bail by clicking the link below to make your donation to Muscular Dystrophy research! Thank you for your generosity and support of this worthwhile cause! Celeste
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    YouTube video for Carolina ProWash

    This is proving to be a very good way to display before & afters: YouTube - CarolinaProWash's Channel
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    PWNC on YouTube

    Check out what the PWNC is doing on YouTube! YouTube - ThePWNC's Channel
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    Advertise Link

    This link doesn't work......I'd like some information on a business becoming a sponsor of this bbs or at least discussing a banner exchange. Please email me! Thanks, Celeste
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    PWNC Meeting with Media

    The meeting in Raleigh was enormously productive. With both newspaper and TV coverage, the PWNC has now set the wheels in motion for more widespread recognition of our network and entire industry. One of the clips filmed yesterday can be seen here: News 14 | 24 Hour Local News | Triangle |...
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    Exotic Wood Care on You Tube

    Our Exotic Wood video on You Tube! YouTube - Ipe, Teak, Purple Heart - Exotic Wood Care Celeste
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    Brick cleaning & staining video

    Check us out doing our brick thing on You Tube! YouTube - Brick cleaning, efflorescence removal, custom brick staining Celeste
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    Drought Meeting - Media Coverage

    This date was initially set as a PWNC meeting. Since that time, there has been conflicting media coverage and slightly badly worded broadcasts and publications regarding the circumstances in areas. This meeting, although arranged by PWNC associates, is NOT about the PWNC anymore. It's about...
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    Alabama Round Table - 2/23/2008

    REGISTRATION is now available on the Contractor Events site. Please help Russ keep what hair he has left and make certain that you register for this Event! Seating is limited. Registration will save your spot!
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    Attn: Wake County, Nc Washers

    If you are a power washing company in the Wake County area, specifically Raleigh, Zebulon and other cities, you need to send an email to the following City Council members before their meeting tomorrow at 1:00. If you are available, you should attend the meeting located at 222 W. Hargett St, Rm...
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    Signature gone wild!

    Hey Guys, My signature has grown a bit :) I can't seem to find the issue in the edit box - it still looks normal but wow, look at it in a post! Thanks!
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    Report Post Button

    Given that the responsibility to camp out and babysit these forums is probably not what any planned to do when they grew up, would it not be prudent to add a Report Post module to the forum.....this way, if there is a problem, someone (the mod for the particular forum) could be notified? The...
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    NC & SC contractors

    Hey guys from North & South Carolina - I'm trying to compile a mailing list of companies in North & South Carolina - if you're interested in getting on this list, please either pm me or email me your email address (prowash2@ This is only for NC & SC companies at this...
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    Calling Carolina Powerwashers!

    Hi Guys [hello] We seem to have a number of Carolinians on here lately - seems it might be time to get together ( even though it's gettin' busy here!) Anyone that would be interested in a very informal get-together, shoot me an email with the following information: Name Company Length...