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  1. chris francis

    Backlinks and Paid Directories?

    what is the diferrence from in link and back link and other then bbs were can I get good inbound links.
  2. chris francis

    Surface Edger

    Who has the link the surface edger
  3. chris francis

    want to get your thoughs onfew things

    Ok made few chnageds to the check it out and the squeaky clean postcard. I also want your thoughs on the sq publication. the publication one I am thinking about using that when do popcorn marketing.
  4. chris francis

    want to get your thoughs onfew things

    Thanks guys I kind like the 2 card the best what about the door hanger should change the wording around on that or just leave that way so I write the address I just did so they can check out my work.
  5. chris francis

    want to get your thoughs onfew things

    also want to try this one
  6. chris francis

    want to get your thoughs onfew things

    I want to know what you guys think about postcard and door hanger going to try.
  7. chris francis

    Wasnt low bid

    that price still kind low if you looks like 3500sq feet build but I could be wrong is it church.
  8. chris francis

    Small Retaining Wall & Sidewalks

    Nice job what are you using the blue bucket for.
  9. chris francis

    Recent Awning Cleaning!

    Wow that is nice trailer were did you find trailer like that hard to find trailer that is 6-10 mostly around me are utility or known as lawn trailers with 1 foot to 2 foot sides I hate them.
  10. chris francis

    Recent Awning Cleaning!

    Gumdestorer nice looking rig there is that 8 or 12 by 5 feet that you are running what did you use on the awning.
  11. chris francis

    A good friend or a really good friend??

    Carlos do you need someone come bail you out jail
  12. chris francis

    New member to Power Wash Network

    Jon & Kat welcome the group hey if you get up in tampa call me we can do lunch and chat about shop.
  13. chris francis

    Another Rust Removal Job

    Doug thank you for that reply that information is realy help full that kind reminds I need to go to tampa get some pink stuff. No grime I do not mean pink girly stuff I mean clear pink stuff.
  14. chris francis

    Another Rust Removal Job

    Doug what was your mix of pink stuff to water I use 4 to 1
  15. chris francis


    I would try strong acid wash should work I would try small area out sight.
  16. chris francis

    T-Tech Power Solutions is on the scene!

    Hey Tyler welcome to the forum pull up chair
  17. chris francis

    Residential Cleaning

    Got your pm I answered it.
  18. chris francis

    Residential Cleaning

    Carlos that is nice looking job.
  19. chris francis

    Roof cleaning in Polk County Florida

    A roof me and my wife cleaned on friday. I used small 12 pump and with 125 of 5/8 hose clean this roof. On the back home owner only want the leafs to be removed I tell you this she had alot leafs there under layer was turning to mud. But all and all it turned out to be easy job.
  20. chris francis

    Surface Edger

    Carlos Gonzales I tried to pm you but your inbox is full.