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    Homeowner concerns about having siding pressure cleaned

    I have a customer ask me to give them a quote for having their vinyl siding cleaned. They asked me if I pressure wash because they have heard from a few places that this should not be done. Anyone ever run into this issue with a homeowner before? This is my first time coming across this and I...
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    subcrontractor needed

    Have a store front cleaning job in St Davids, PA. Looking for an experienced and insured sub to do the work. Could possibly a regular job for the right person. Call me at (610) 970-0620 for details. Rick-Deck Care Plus
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    United We Stand!

    Just wanted to share this site a family member had sent me. It is a very ispirational one..hope you all like it![/URL]
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    Aluminum siding ?

    I was at a job yesterday and I was suppose to clean the aluminum siding of the house for the customer. When I first looked at the job, there were no signs of oxidation just, what I thought to be mildew...I was wrong... because it wasn't mildew it is some sort of roadway fallout from a nearby...
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    Roof cleaning lead

    I have an aunt in Florida who is looking for a price for having her roof cleaned. She resides in the Boyton Beach area zipcode is 33437. I believe others in her nieghborhod are looking for similar work. Anyone intereseted please contact me directly. If you don't want to email me you can...
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    Burner won't fire up

    Need answers to why when I turn on the burner of my unit it doesn't fire up. Yes, I did check the fuel.
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    Deck job question

    Not sure if you can view the picture but this particular deck is a townhome deck and in very tight quarters to work on. It will need to be stripped and than cleaned & sealed. Anyone have suggestions on how to bis this one out?
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    Two-tone deck help

    Don't get many calls for these but since it has been awhile since i have done one I thought I would ask. Customer wants thier new p.t. deck to have the rails stained white (semi-trans.) and the rest of the deck floor, etc. to be sealed a redwood (Ready Seal) color. Not sure how to go about...
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    Exposed Aggregate

    I am interested if anyone knows of a sealer that can be applied to exposed aggregate walkways/patio to give it a sheen. Customer likes the wet look...if possible.:rolleyes:
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    Copper awning runoff stains

    Anyone have any experience with cleaning copper staining from stucco? I have a client who has copper awnings that after oxidizing have bled run off stains on to the stucco facade. Also if you have any ideas on how to clean the actual copper awnings themselves to remove the oxidation. Thanks
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    Sealing a mahogany deck

    Interested in hearing from fellow deck contractors on what they have used with great success on mahogany decks. I have only sealed one years ago with Wolman F&P with unsatisfactory results. The sealer I use has version for such wood but requires applying by hand. Also what would you recommend...
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    Bankruptcy law changes

    Bankruptcy law changes may hurt some small business owners WASHINGTON — Revisions to federal bankruptcy laws are nearly a certainty after the US Senate on Thursday passed legislation similar to that approved by the House. The legislation makes it more difficult for individuals, custodial...
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    Anyone ever hear of this company?

    Just recently I attended a local home show and was surprised to see this company set up with a rather impressive display. The name of the company is "<FONT COLOR="Red">Sparkle</FONT c><FONT COLOR="Blue">Wash</FONT c>. [URL=] Spoke to the owner of the franchise and was...
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    Basement carpeting

    Question to all you pros in the carpet cleaning business. Since I am pressure washing contractor...I know nothing about this. A friend of mine recently had some major flooding of his basement due to the sump pump not working properly. He has a indoor/outddor type carpet intalled in his...
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    Question on the pop-off-valve or pressure relief valve. Should this be replaced if it goes off or is it normal for this to release when running unit. Last week while doing a job I noticed it going off. Scared the @#%*& out of me, until I relized what it was. ------------------ Rick - Deck...
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    Rick-Deck Care Plus

    Now I just have a little less hair on top. ------------------ Rick - Deck Care Plus [This message has been edited by rvagnoni (edited December 17, 2000).]
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    Machine sparks when fired up

    Wiz or John, My skid unit makes a spark at the frame when I fired it up. What is causing this to occur??? Doesn't appear to be very safe either. Thanks ------------------ Rick - Deck Care Plus
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    Best two man unit hw washer

    Wiz, Looking to purchase a new hot water unit that will enable us to run two men cleaning from at 3000+ psi. Any suggestions on what I need to look for here? I know I could just buy another unit but I don't like the idea of having to by a bigger trailer. ------------------ Rick - Deck Care Plus
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    Tank water

    We recently did a job cleaning a deck and was connected to the customers water source. We didn't notice this right away, but the water that was refilling the tank had a brownish color. Should we be concerned about this? Will it do damage to our pump? Should we drain the tank...
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    Antifreezing machines

    I was curious about the best way to antifreeze my two portable cold water machines. Since neither of them has a float tank like my hot water unit. We have been just pouring antifreeze into the inlet side of the pump and running through. Is their a better method? ------------------ Rick...