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    Shotgun mold

    Hi Ya all Has anyone yet found a quick way of removing shotgun mold ? I have a potential custom that has it .I plan on going out sometime next week to look at it. From what he has described it is pretty bad even on the soffitts. Thanks again for the help. Tim
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    Sealers for docks on water

    Hi again we have a customer who wants a deck sealed and also a dock that goes into a lake cleaned and sealed. What type of sealer would you want to use by the water? Wondering about EPA? How do you keep drips out of the water? Thanks Tim
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    Question about CWF

    Hi All I have a deck that I am quoting that is currently suppose to sealed with Cwf 2 yrs ago. Suprisingly it is still in good shape. I believe mostly because of the shade that it is in. After looking at it I do not feel that it should be completely stripped only cleaned and touched up with...
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    Anyone run 2 guns on their unit?

    I have a 3500psi 5.5 gpm hot water Elite skid unit. I want to put a tee in the discharge hose to hookup 2 guns one for my extention and one for my 6ft lance (lower) level gun. Question is will the ocassional use of both guns bother my hotwater unit? Also I know that the pressure will drop in 1/2...
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    CWF info needed

    Hi everyone. I just got a call for a estimate bid on cleaning a large deck with cwf on it. He wants to recoat it if possible. Has anyone used it before? If so how hard is it to apply? Another question is this sealer easy or hard to strip? It is approx about 1yr old. Thanks for the help. Tim...
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    Injector problem

    Hi Guys I am setting up my new unit and have a problem not pulling any soap from chem tank. I believe that the 200ft of high pressure is causing too much resistance or ristriction to create the venturi action that I need. I am running a 5.5gpm unit with 3000psi and 200ftof hose. I tried a...
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    Problem with chem injector

    I have a problem not getting soap from the chem tank. Here is a dumb question. Are your soap nozzles sized according to the press and gpm? I am now using a 5.5gpm instead of a 4gpm. The soap will come out if I use no nozzle. Is it the injector? Any suggestions ? Thanks...
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    Any one ever use a PW gun and QC tips to apply sealer?

    Hi Guys I am thinking about building my own sealer sprayer. I have a 1.5gpm 60psi sureflo pump and was wondering if I could attach a Pw gun and quick connect nozzles to it. The problem would be what nozzle size should I use. Since Ready Seal is quite thin I figured about a 1.5 or 2gpm nozzle but...
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    Need a good rust remover for white vinyl house!

    Looking for a good rust remover to remove the hard water from the sprinkler system on a white vinyl house. They want it washed next week if possible. Sure hope it does not snow. It will be my first house wash this winter. Sure glad I have a hot water unit. Thanks again Tim ------------------...
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    Hi pressure pulses

    I have a brand new Elite H/c Water unit. 5gpm 3000psi Bypassing to water tank. When I use a 0deg nozzle I get 5secs of high press and about 15 secs of low press. When I used a 40deg nozzle it seemed to work ok. I do not think that I am starving for water . Could the unloader need adjusting? I...
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    Has anyone ever used Sybron ABR BIOTRAK bioenzyme cleaner

    Has anyone used any bacteria microbes to clean concrete? Heard that it is biodegradable and can be rinsed down a storm sewer. Just wondering if it is true. Thanks Tim ------------------ Tim Highfield ALL-BRITE POWERWASHING
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    Is anyone reclaiming water?

    Looking at doing flat work (drive thru,s) What a hassle in trying to find out if we need to reclaim water or not. Went to city waste treatment plant (nice guys) they are going to try to help me find out. You have the city, sewer collectors, waste water plant and DNR to work with. Does anyone out...
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    Where do you dump your water?

    Looking at possibily starting to clean some flat work this summer. Question where do you or can you legally dump your reclaimed water from your bank, gas stations, resturants and fleets ? Thanks Tim ------------------ Tim Highfield ALL-BRITE POWERWASHING
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    URGENT need help on building interior bid..

    HELP GUYS !!!!! I need to turn in this bid by this fri. 2 Building interiors. Were once used for machine shop. They want the walls and floors cleaned. total area of both. Walls= 8,102sqft floors= 16,833sqft Floors are real bad . Question they have city sewers can I let...
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    Need help finding replacement water tank lid

    Hi Guys Last yr when I bought my used equipment I have a 250 or 300 gal water tank (blue) but it did not have a lid on it . ID is 6in OD is 7.25in . Cap screws on top of the tank ( like a small chem tank). Tank is a round flat bottom unit . I cannot find any info on it. But would like to find a...
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    Has anyone tried a foaming nozzle to apply soap on a house?

    I recently saw a nozzle in a PW dist. mag. that said that it created a foaming action with the soap. I was wondering if something like that would work on a house as a surfacent keeping it in place longer before running down the siding? Has anyone tried this before? Thanks Tim...
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    Who has their units in enclosed trailers?

    Hi Guys As most of you know from some of my previous posts that I am setting up my first enclosed trailer unit and have quite a few questions. So I just wanted to pic the brains of some of you who have been there and either learn from your ideas or your mistakes. I currently have a new elite H/C...
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    Anyone exhausting engine and heater together

    Looking at exhausting my engine and HWunit into a central stack exhaust from inside my 6x12 enclosed trailer. Has anyone done this before? Also Wiz do you think that my vanguard will get too hot being inside trailer this summer.Will it overheat? Thanks Tim ------------------ Tim Highfield...
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    Does anyone vent exhaust from PW and heater out side trailer?

    Hi Guys I am still setting up my new rig and want to exhaust the vangard engine and my hot water heater exhaust outside. What is the best way to do it? I have an Elite unit just like the RK21. Thanks Tim ------------------ Tim Highfield ALL-BRITE POWERWASHING