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    Ron P..........Plexmaster Wax

    Ron P. I have a question for ya. How do you order the Plexmaster from Espec. I called and went round and round about a mix kit for 55 gallons or something close. They told me one gallon of ready to use mixed solution 5 gallons of ready to use or 500 pounds of powder. There was no getting...
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    Vector Chemicals

    Just curious have any of you tried or even heard of Vector Chemicals from Ohio. I got a mailer from them and they offer mix kits from 90.00 to 148.00 and these chemicals are super concentrated with a minimum dilution of 20 to 1 or so I am told by their rep. Just wanted to know if anyone has...
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    Hard to get good price

    Hey guys and gals. I am fairly new to this board but I have been doing wood restoration for the past 2 years. I have had great success with the jobs I have gotten but here in lower Delaware it is hard to get the money one needs on deck work. I am one of the few contractors that offer cleaning...