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    Fay has been pounding us for 3 days now heavy rain and 40-50 mph winds all was good till I heard a crash I look out my door and out back a tree crashed down on to my well. So had to run to Ace and get the pipe to replace what was broke it was not fun out in the side ways rain and wind with the...
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    Job lead Franklin Ma

    Any one near Franklin Ma, Have a small roof cleaning job Just out side of Foxborough home to the three-time Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots.....
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    Dewalt washer for sale new

    Dewalt pressure washer 6.5 hp 2.8 gal per min 3100 psi Never used paid over 700.00 asking $450.00 this is not a big boy but I think for some one new can use this unit or it might make for a good back up....Brand save over $250.00
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    Jet Stream Up For Sale

    I might have Jet Stream Pressure Washing up for sale 2007 Toyota Tundra 2007 A.O.K 6x12 trailer with elc brakes tandem ax 2006 pressure pro hot water unit M.I.T.M belt driven cold 4 gal unit 4 gal cold 4 gal direct drive unit 4 gal direct drive unit Two surface cleaners 300 gal tank...
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    Good rate

    What would be a fair rate to charge for 135,000 s/f job 60' tall I have to rent a lift they get this done once a year I have a price but just want to see what some might have to say
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    wwe make a wish

    wwe fans look who my son got to sign his book we spent some time at make a wish event for the sick kids all around the world had brunch with most of the superstars most of my money went to make a wish thanks to the wwe 50 kids got to go to the show... darn it the pic file is to big...ill work on it
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    PM Companies

    I put in a bid back in NOV and I just got a fax with a work order to do this big job worth a few k. And all this time I just was thinking they were just using me for bid ballpark prices I guess good things come if you wait..08 I hope will be a good year
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    Sales Geni

    Any one use them for leads???? if so, is it worth it
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    Red Sox

    Boston Red Sox are going all the way... And for NFL You know it will be the PATRIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    What is going on for jobs

    Just wanted to know what everyone is up to around the pressure washing world what kind of jobs do you all have working.By the way any one have a used surface cleaner for sale.
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    My new Toy

    I was just wanting to know if any of you have a new 07 Tundra and what you all think about the truck. I just pick one up last sunday did not get the 5.7 but i did get the 4.7 SR5 4 door crew cab.So far I love this truck and it is fast as well and the best part I walk out paying 25,500 otd.
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    Who likes what NFL team The colts are not looking so hot right now me it all about the PATRIOTS with that being said kick off with Tampa is Friday so to support my home team GO PATRIOTS
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    40,000 s/f or more

    How long do you think 40,000 s/f will take to wash with a 20 surface cleaner its a 2 car lane brick paver maybe 1000 or more long with one curb along the road I bid for a 3 days of work cause you never know what will happen in this line of work and this will lead to many more big jobs
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    4 feet deep

    I need a tip or turbo nozzle that will work 3-4 feet in the water you ask 4 feet deep? yes I have a state job every two weeks and I have to wash the steps going in the springs.The bad part is i have to be waist deep in the water but i can not get the tips to spray good.So it sprays like a pen...
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    hIGH $ CHEM

    I was on a job the other day and the guy was talking to me about some chem I use.So he whips out this jug on gal of cleaner and tells me to try it I must say this stuff work great on gutters,mudd dobbers,Ext...... So I get home and look up the web site you must see..Hang on dont fall over...
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    Help Mark.GP seal kit

    Can you tell or sell me a oil seal kit for a GP pump 63 series # TX1510A run by 13 h/p the pump oil runs out faster then I can blink I have been looking all over to fix this thing.How hard is it to install the kit...and I have 2 A/R pumps that need a unloader. one of them I lost all...
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    roofing cleaning price florida

    Hey guys UMM can someone help me out on this one I got a call from a property management and he stated to me he has 3 roofs that need to be done around 2000 s/f homes now i dont want to turn work away like i did last week for a 3500 s/f home 2 store I dont like cleaning roofs its just not...
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    County stealing from us

    Hey guys a bit off washing I need a place to vent On my way home today and got to a stop and some handed me paper on the paper it said your home has lien on it. What is going on well I live off dirt roads and they want 2.1. mil to dump more dirt and every one has to pay 2500 now and extra 400 a...
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    Bike Week

    Long time no post Has anyone been to Daytona Bike week I went the first day and had a blast and I think I need my eyes check out now I go evey year.There is just so much to see and do it is one big party.that goes on for a week it is time for me to buy the bike i have been looking at
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    Gp Surface Cleaner

    Has anyone used the g.p surface cleaner 20 inch and if so what do ya think about it.I just placed a order for one and i have not found many posts on it I pick it up for $350.00 just for a back up Jet Stream Pressure Washing Orangecity FL,32763 1355 7th street office 386-775-6301 e-mail...