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    New members we need your help.

    Man the red on my space is hard to read and starts to blend
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    Where are you from?

    Wow been a long time from the last time I saw his post and has been some time from when he passed....
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    It telling me my last visit was 12-15-09 today is 7-11-10 so same here
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    Gum Removal

    bump on what Mr C said
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    Help!! High pressure/low pressure, is there an answer or only opinion?

    Now who wants 3000 psi on a roof or wood not me or anyone i know yes there is a time when you need a little more pressure. In fact I don't even bring a pressure washer to a roof cleaning job no need for it and wood can be trashed with high pressure,or water can be blown up behind siding of a...
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    Gum & oil stains

    You need hot water to remove gum and oil will never fully get out of the concrete
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    Getting around foliage…any ideas

    Try watering real good or bring tarps with you to cover the plants
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    what is happening with the BB ?

    I think we have a winner [wsmile]
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    Tip for gutter black streak removal

    Here is one more for you purple power will do the trick and is cheap
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    Roof Cleaning Orlando Florida

    That's how we roll in Orlando.....Job well done Don
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    13 HP (GX390) Honda Engine Problems

    Good luck hope you get it back up soon
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    How is business this year?

    Lots of clients from last year called again this year just did a contract for a shopping center and was ask about 60 gas stations biz is nothing like a few years ago but holding strong
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    need ideas that work

    Cold calling ,email ,faxing ,I have found if I sit down and do a email night. I get good feed back hit up all your fast food places in town internet is a power tool look for H.O.A ,schools go online and look up your local purchase dept for city/county/town see who,has what to bid on or if...
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    Winter Work

    Move to Florida......[spin] Just a joke
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    13 HP (GX390) Honda Engine Problems

    Maybe your pump needs seals or unloader is going bad. with a bad unloader it will cause the loss of pressure
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    Anyone use concrete surface cleaners

    Go with a 20 with a 4 gpm
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    Wanting to take it serious

    Get online and look up your local city or county school boards but you have to look for there purchasing dept all bids will be under that dept for city or state or county. I hope this helps ...OH WAIT here you go for a start... BC Bid CLICK WERE IT SAYS BC BID AND YOU WILL BE ON THE HOME PAGE
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    Just starting out

    What do you need to know? this biz is easy to start up and fast to go out ..Use the search tab up top and read on, I bet there is years...
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    Anyone use concrete surface cleaners

    What units are you running 4 gal 5 gal 8 gal how much work do you have they are a must to have if washing a lot of flat work start with a 20inch
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    flyer, invoice and estimate sheet helps

    Last I knew you can get it from the site not the pro but the basic that works well to start off with. Guess they stop the free download.