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  1. Tony Evans

    Blast! from Clean Matters Magazine

    Check it out Sent from my SM-G930R4 using Tapatalk
  2. Tony Evans

    Clean Matters Magazine

    The only magazine designed for the mobile cleaning industry will release its convention issue soon. If you have a customer centric article, product release, industry news related bulletin, etc please contact us at To subscribe or read past or current issues go to...
  3. Tony Evans

    My new Tucker CF35

    Just an update on the new pole. I finally took the time to switch my conversions off my Gardiner to my new Tucker CF35. I quickly discovered that the number one section of the Tucker is larger than the Gardiner making my plans to use my hose less conversion impossible. While initially...
  4. Tony Evans

    Handy cordless sill vacuum

    Almost lost this little gem. Tony Evans Call or Text 319-325-9475
  5. Tony Evans

    Removing screens for exterior cleaning

    Quick video on removing a common style screen for window or house washing. Tony Evans Call or Text 319-325-9475
  6. Tony Evans

    Can I Get a Partial Cleaning?

    The short answer is, yes. The better answer is, that depends. While it's always possible to clean select windows or one wall of a property in reality a partial cleaning isn't in your best interest in most cases. Why? Continue...
  7. Tony Evans

    Muck boots

    Just got my first pair and I'm blown away. I've been using the typical rubber farm boot for a couple years and this is a night and day difference. What are you guys wearing for footwear?
  8. Tony Evans

    M5DS nozzle

    Used it for the first time today and I'm impressed. Being able to adjust the angle from very wide fan to zero degree is beyond helpful. It's a huge time saver even with having to pull the hose from the solution bucket to rinse. If you don't have one yet I highly recommend picking one up.
  9. Tony Evans

    New Tucker brush review

    Quick video review of the new Tucker brush
  10. Tony Evans

    Dragon Juice -amazing results

    Just keep getting amazing results with this amazing chemical.
  11. Tony Evans

    First interior pressure cleaning job

    We just did our first interior job this week. A management company that we do some Walmart for sent us a work order for 5 bathrooms at one of the locations we service. We presprayed everything with Dragon Juice, let it dwell a few minutes and went to work. A simple transfer pump with a hose to...
  12. Tony Evans

    Dragon Grip

    Tried it for the first time on a house wash last week. I have to say that I'm sold! The cling is top notch but the best part was the rinse. It rinses so fast and easy I was amazed. If you haven't tried it yet I encourage you to do so.
  13. Tony Evans

    Should have listened sooner

    In Charleston I did a presentation that dealt with the dangers of listening to the wrong people in business. I was speaking from experience. I got caught up with the wrong people who were more interested in how I could improve their bottom line than helping me. That cost me years of serious...
  14. Tony Evans

    Best industry event to date

    Almost home from the UAMCC National Convention and am still in awe of the top level education and networking. If you haven't attended a UAMCC event yet you simply don't know what you are missing.
  15. Tony Evans

    New name for new surfactant

    Dragon Snot has been renamed to Dragon Grip. Definitely more fitting since it grips the surface.
  16. Tony Evans

    Water fed pole loose clamp fix

    Quick video on a way to field repair a glue failure on a clamp
  17. Tony Evans

    Dragon Snot the new surfactant on the block.

    Looks like Power Wash Store has another new product. It's getting hard to keep up with how fast Paul and the gang are putting out newer, better products. I know it's on my list of things to buy in Charleston at the UAMCC National Convention.