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  1. GumDestroyer

    Getting a grasp on US Debt using something we can understand...((time)).

    1 million seconds / 12 days 1 billion seconds / 31 years 1 trillion seconds / 31,688.00 years! :eek:
  2. GumDestroyer

    Metal Siding Oxidization

    Hey Guys, I have a house next week with powdery white oxidization on the metal siding and the homeowner is wanting to paint after I'm done pressure washing it. Any suggestions (11 herbs and spices?) for removal of the chalky/powdery substance without scrubbing the siding? :cool:
  3. GumDestroyer

    Sorry IRS

    DEAR CONGRESS, Last year I mismanaged my funds and borrowed to much and this year my family and I cannot decide on a budget. Until we have come to an unified decision that fits all of our needs and interests we will have to shut down our checkbook's and will no longer be able to pay our taxes to...
  4. GumDestroyer

    Pressure Washing Year Round? Really?...

    I run my pressure washing business from about May-early October then shut it down due to freezing temperature and roll into my insulation business. But I hear some go year round? Sure seems inconvenient to have to pump with antifreeze and then remove and then pump up again? We have bitter cold...
  5. GumDestroyer

    Did I ever say...?

    Did I ever say, "I Hate Decks?" I didn't yet? [lm] Ok, for the record. I HATE DECKS!!!!!! :eek:
  6. GumDestroyer

    Dedicated Pump?

    I have a tile roof to clean. Lot's of lichen, mold/mildew. I there any way around not going with a dedicated pump for this one job? My system is a DS injection system. There is only a couple of tile roofs in my area as almost everything is comp and cedar. Just don't see another one of these in...
  7. GumDestroyer

    Old Cedar Shake Roof

    What is the standard practice for cleaning an old-weather cedar shake roof. I heard one pressure washing outfit uses a turbo-nozzle?
  8. GumDestroyer

    Weathered Redwood Deck

    I have a sun damaged and darkened old redwood deck to restore. It has been stained in the past. It looks now like a completely greyed out cedar fence. The customer is moving and selling the home and would like me to re-stain this deck. He said he is not too picky but would like it presentable...
  9. GumDestroyer

    Best Western Plus

    This job went very well! The Hotel Management was pleased with the cleaning. The windows came out spot free with about 2 oz of Simple Cherry in each 250+ gallons of rinse...
  10. GumDestroyer

    Non-Spotting Rinse Additives

    Hey guys, Are any of you aware of a non-spotting additive I could add into my storage tank to help prevent spotting of windows? I usually lightly rinse my Simple Cherry off and that tends to do pretty well but still leaves spots on occasion. A homemade solution or commercial product that can...
  11. GumDestroyer

    Small Retaining Wall & Sidewalks

    Hi Guys, Here was a little job I did yesterday. I love these small detail type jobs! Old farm house with a small retaining wall and sidewalks that needed some T.L.C. P.S. (11 Herbs and Spices in Hand Pump):)
  12. GumDestroyer

    Sun Baked Iron Stains

    Had a great day today removing super sun baked hard water stains off of white vinyl siding. Very difficult coordinating the acid bath with the pump sprayer, keeping it off plants, diluting the soil constantly and brushing softly but not to allow to much dwell time. [spaz] I was thinking about...
  13. GumDestroyer

    One of my larger estimates to work on today...

    I will be using an S45 Stick Boom and my new "Ladder Saver" nozzle! [tie] 34' to top of the 4th story windows. Did you know that many of these newly built quality Best Western's have removable windows they clean themselves? I look forward to this one!
  14. GumDestroyer

    Lead and Manganese Stains on vinyl siding

    I washed a white vinyl sided home today that just looked like it had baked on dirt but later discovered it's a hard yellowish brown iron stains due to very hard water from sprinklers. I applied SH12% along with simple cherry, joy soap and 200 deg change. I used my soap tip the whole...
  15. GumDestroyer

    Recent Awning Cleaning!

    It took a lot longer than expected but came out well. I used the Winsor product for deep cleaning and then shined it up!
  16. GumDestroyer


    This old historic building looks like firebrick. The brick has a very light yellowish-orange brown tone. The brick is very dirty and has lichen attached as seen in the picture. I will approach this with caution. :cool:
  17. GumDestroyer

    M.R.I. Trailer at Hospital

    I cleaned this big trailer two day's ago. Hot water, simple cherry and Dawn! Darn it! No before shots. :confused:
  18. GumDestroyer

    Retaining Walls

    This will keep me busy all Summer long in my area! :)These retaining walls are everywhere! I simply need to find a way to successfully remove the efflorescence and harder deposits that accumulate on the surfaces of these walls and seal with a product that will (absorb & attach) creating a...
  19. GumDestroyer

    Brick, Concrete, Seal N Lock

    I'm very pumped about my conversations with Rich from Sean N Lock! I have lots of old brick buildings in our area and I look forward to cleaning and sealing these beauties this season! Last year, I did lots of sidewalks and flat surface cleanings. I look forward to introducing Sealing Services...
  20. GumDestroyer

    Smoke Stains on Cedar Siding

    I have a customer who had a garage fire. The smoke has billowed out and the cedar siding has been blackened by smoke damage. Likely, some of the siding is damaged due to heat and I will not be a able to clean or improve those areas. So how would you guys tackle this one? The darkened siding is...