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    NO GUTTERS ON HOUSE! should I attempt the roof?

    Hello everyone, I got a call today for an estimate on a house with no gutters. Not just that but, the roof is really steep, pretty dirty, and surrounded by plants. I use a 4% sodium hypo mix with some TSP. Now, I know this will kill the plants or at least do them some damage if I just let...
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    Looking to Buy- 2 Hose reels

    I'm looking for 2 hose reels that I can use with my polybraided 1/2" chemical hose for roof cleaning. I'll need at least 200 ft. capacity for 1/2" hose. Shipping isn't a problem.
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    Hose Reel Questions

    Hey, I've got my roof cleaning setup up and running and have done about ten roofs so far, but my problem is getting organized. I've made my startup cash back so it's time to start buying the rest of my equipment. I plan on mounting 2 hose reels to a trailer. One to run my poly braided hose for...
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    How to measure Sodium Hypo % on your own?

    Anyone know how to get the exact sodium hypochlorite reading from chlorine on your own? We all spend a lot of money on this stuff and I'm wondering if anyone knows how to measure it on your own without taking the stores word for it. A store in RI was fined $10,000 for diluting their 12.5%...
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    Question On Roofs On Houses W/ Natural Wood Siding

    Well, my first season as a roof washer is starting off pretty good. Hope all is well for you guys too. So far all the roofs I've done have been on houses with vinyl siding or painted wood siding. My question is how to clean (if I should attempt it) roofs on houses with natural wood siding. I'm...
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    Opinions on most effective ads

    Hey, as some of you know this is my first season on my own. I'm concentrating on roof cleaning (lot of dirty roofs) and residential pressure. Just wondering what some of you have found to be the most effective forms of PAID advertising. (I don't wanna hear anything about word of mouth cause...
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    Buying Sodium Hypochlorite

    Does anyone know of a way to buy concentrated bleach (above 12.5%) or just how to buy chlorine by the drum. I've searched through every possible google term for 3 hours and have either come up with pool supply websites or global manufacturers with a 20 ton minimum (I don't think I'll be that...
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    Skylights + Bleach, Any Problems??

    I've got a roof coming up with skylights and was wondering if anyone knows of any problems or damage I could cause with the skylights. I'm using a chlorine and tsp mix and didn't know if it would cause damage to the metal (rusting) or rubber (I don't even know if there is rubber on the...
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    Acid Help

    Hey, just wondering is muriatic acid the type to use to get rid of the rust stains caused by using bleach on the roof where the chimney flashings are? Do you need some kind of liscense to get it and can it cause damage to other materials that might be on the roof (glass, skylights or anything...
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    Type of Tanks?

    Hey. Just purchased the Delevan 5800 setup from Bob at Just wondering, I'm looking at all the chem tanks and there are all different styles. Flat, Horizontal, PCO etc.? anyone know what the best type is. I'll be using it to spray chlorine etc. onto roofs. Bob said PCO (I think...
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    I'd like to offer my customers a warranty with my service. I'm in New England so the mold doesn't grow up here as fast as down south obviously but, the roofs I'm doing are in heavily wooded areas and some by the water. Are there any inexpensive but effective ways of stopping future growth?
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    Looking To Buy

    Looking to get into roof cleaning. Im in RI. Looking for a trailer rig, no pressure washer just some pumps, hose reels, tanks etc. Even anything without a trailer I would consider. I also have a 1999 Buick Regal to consider in trade for a pickup or work van.
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    pump choices

    Im looking into pumps (shurflo) for roof cleaning but, they have a lot of choices (marine, diaphragm, etc.) Can anyone tell me which type or even better the model to use)
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    Do I need to Walk the roof

    Hey. I just landed my first roof job. I cleaned roofs for another company last summer so I have some experience but not enough, I only helped out on a couple jobs. This job I landed has a fairly steep roof (not one that I'm comfortable walking) and it goes up pretty high. It's one that...
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    Quick Quest on x-jets and soap applicators

    I own a Dewalt 3750 as my starting off PW. I'm just starting to think about getting into roof cleaning and was looking at ways to apply the detergent/bleach with the DeWalt. Problem is, I can't run it through the pump. I think it's called downstream injection from what I've read in here...
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    Mark Need Help

    Hey Mark, this message is for you. I didn't know how to contact you any other way. I just started advertising for roof cleaning and I need some help purchasing some equipment. Get back to me and let me know how I can contact you. Thanx
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    Carwash help?

    I recently was approached to wash a carwash. It's a fairly large one and it's full of black slime but I know it'll be fairly easy to take off with a good degreaser. There's also a good amount of metal in the c-wash also full of slime. I was wondering if anyone has done these jobs before and...
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    Need help!

    Hey, as you can tell from my name im new to this site. I'm also new to the business, brand new. My problem is I can't really get a job doing this to gain experience so I'm just kind of jumping into it blindly. I know that's a dangerous thing to do so you don't need to tell me about that. I...
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    My names Pete. I live in Warren, RI. I'm completely new to the business. I plan on starting a Pressure Washing business this spring. I just purchased a DeWalt 3750 psi 4GPM washer from Home Depot. I plan on upgrading very soon once I learn the ins and outs of the business and get it started but...