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    Shooter tip. recommendations for DC 5.5 gpm system

    Hello Everyone. I am setting up my 5.5 gpm dc softwash system. I have the red gun but im looking for a tip for my other gun that will let me get chem a little farther up for high spots. Most of the shooter tips I see advertise for pw use but dont really mention Dc soft wash systems?
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    Pressure City

    Has anybody ordered from Pressure city? I ordered 1/2" softwash hose a week or so ago and cant get anyone to answer phone after multiple attempts or find out if there is a tracking number? Just wondering if anyone has had this issue. Getting kinda worried .
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    surface cleaner tip recommendation.

    Thx ryan General pump sells them w one number missing which is what confused me. they list 2502. isnt the last two digits the degree of spray pattern?
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    Plumbing suggestion for new trailer

    I have a 4gpm belt drive PW and want to plumb directly to my IBC tote. Do I plumb directly to the valved output and just reduce down the 3/4" for the pw input. Can I assume you guys recommend an intake filter between the two points? do I need an inline filter between the tote and my 5.5 DC...
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    Sidewalk cleaning

    A light mix should do it for pre treatment . if you dont have any experience mixing sh then maybe something from home depot w a low% of SH would be good. Rinse the surrounding grass well before treatment then rinse again when done.
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    New member! Need help with getting contracts.

    Hey Jacky. Im one step behind you. we have been doing sidewalks for landscape customers for a couple seasons but are building a trailer, website etc... now and getting ready to hit it hard. Love to see your set up and follow your progress. Shan
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    surface cleaner tip recommendation.

    Does anyone have a 25 degree surface cleaner tip recommendation. I have a 20" surface cleaner and a 4 gpm belt drive PW. I know the 20" is a bit much for 4 gpm but I will be purchasing a 16 or 18" soon. what # tips and best place to order?
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    Hello Everyone

    Hi Guys. My name is Shannon Conklin. My buddy who had PW experience talked me into a new PW business last winter. We were in the process of ordering parts for a DIY trailer build this spring and he abruptly died in the middle of the night due to Diabetes complications. I am now going it alone so...